The Colony

This page summarizes the posts related to The Colony, a play-by-email game I'm running using Labyrinth Lord.

General Information

The Turns

  1. Docking Maneuvers - Landing and dealing with the bureaucracy
  2. Cruisin' the City - Initial exploration and discovery in New Kavlin
  3. In an Inn - A place to stay and a mystery
  4. Night Watch - Trying to figure out who/what is causing problems at the White Tulip
  5. Breakfast - Discussing results with Mosk and planning next steps
  6. Descent - What lies beyond the grate in the White Tulip's cellar.
  7. Tunnel Crawl - Exploring the winding passages and chambers of the Old City
  8. Creeping - Further exploration in the Old City. Sim, Kessel and Maarek return to the White Tulip after a night outside the city
  9. Conversations in the Shadows - The party negotiates with the People of the Shade.
  10. Peace in the Shade - With an agreement in place, the party continues their explorations in a new direction, for now.
  11. The Return - Time to head back to the White Tulip for lunch.
  12. Road Trip - The party hits the road after accepting a mapping contract.
  13. Mapping - Exploration begins.
  14. Descent into the Den - The party finds a ravine that is almost certainly a monster lair.
  15. Monitoring Developments - An encounter with a gigantic lizard.
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