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Homicide: Mythic GM Solo Play

This is the Mythic GM game context for my Homicide solo play game. It's getting pretty long, so rather than insert it into each post, I'm going to post once as a page and update as I go. I'll also post the current snapshot every few turns so readers joining in late aren't completely spoiled by this summary, since it will reflect a later stage of the game.

The Links
Chaos: 4

Story Characters

Rose Marie Orr (ALIBI)
    • One of three roommates involved in a dispute concerning rent.
    • Lives in south Indianapolis.
    • In a relationship with Albert Burns (and his alibi)
    • Has additional alibi (phone / internet records)
    Albert Burns (ALIBI)
    • In custody of the Indiana State Police (released).
    • One of three roommates involved in a dispute concerning rent.
    • Burns is Michelle Allen's stepson.
    • Lives near Lafayette.
    • In a relationship with Rose Marie Orr (and her alibi)
    Gabe Babbett, former maintenance worker, College Place Apartments (PRIMARY SUSPECT)
    • Had access to apartment keys.
    • Has a serious felony record that he lied about on his job application.
    • Was fired by Lewis.
    • Babbett is Michelle Allen's cousin.
    • Knows Kevin Woods.
    • Instigator of the apartment office break-in, according to Kevin Woods
    • Lives near Lafayette.
    • Anna Marin IDs Babbett's voice as our anonymous tipster that called in the original tip about Marin's body in the apartment.
    • The call came from somewhere in Delaware.
    • Woods suggests Babbett is in Milford, Delaware.
    • Seen at the church, involved in an altercation with Allen and Marin prior to the murders.
    • Apprehended in Chicago leaving the airport.
    • Admits to murdering Allen (self defense).
    • Claims Allen murdered Marin.
    • Moved Allen's and Marin's bodies into apartments.
    The Forensics Team
    • Prints found in both the apartment (a partial with blood trace), and on the gun in the car (our likely murder weapon) - Gabe Babbett.
    • The gun from the car was used in both murders. It belonged to Allen, and was reported stolen on June 4th.
    The Unknown Shooter(s)
    • Most likely suspect: Gabe Babbett
    Mike Lewis, property manager, College Place Apartments (ALIBI)
    • Lewis agrees to provide access to Allen's apartment.
    • Probably has an alibi for the murder (vacation in the Great Lakes area). Alibi checks out.
    • Lives near Lafayette.
    Tina Mallory, property administrator, College Place Apartments
    Jacob Anderson, maintenance and grounds, College Place Apartments
    Kevin Woods, admits to apartment office theft
    • Apprehended fleeing scene.
    • In police custody.
    • Knows Gabe Babbett.
    Heather Graham, administrator at our mythical church
    Cindy Bosley, lawyer for Kevin Woods
    • Pretty competent
    Michelle Allen, a person of interest (SUSPECT) (DEAD)
    • Owner of the damaged SUV found near the crime scene.
    • Car has blood and a gun in the passenger compartment.
    • Appears to have been the scene of the actual murder.
    • Allen's apartment shows signs of a hasty departure.
    • Works at a religious center that works with students.
    • Allen is Gabe Babbett's cousin.
    • Allen is Albert Burns's stepmother.
    • Found dead in her own apartment.
    • Evidence suggests both she and Marin were shot in Allen's car.
    • Seen at the church, involved in an altercation with Babbett and Marin prior to the murders
    • Murdered by Gabe Babbett (self-defense).
    Anna Marin, Scott Marin's mother (ALIBI)
    • The stranger in the College Place Apartments rental office.
    • Has an alibi (Richard Marin).
    • Didn't steal the records.
    • Spoke to Scott Marin by phone at midnight, June 7, just before he was killed.
    • Lives near Lafayette.
    Richard Marin, Scott Marin's father (ALIBI)
    • Has an alibi (Anna Marin).
    • Lives near Lafayette.
    Scott Marin (DEAD)
    • The victim, an adult male.
    • Found in a very clean garden apartment, 6600 College Place Apartments, 2B.
    • Dead approximately two days (time of death early AM June 8).
    • The apartment was not the murder scene. The body was dumped.
    • A religious difference with Michelle Allen.
    • One of three roommates involved in a dispute concerning rent.
    • 2B was the apartment rented by the trio.
    • Their lease was up.
    • Owed money to Orr / Burns
    • Told Orr he would be able to pay.
    • Seen at the church, involved in an altercation with Babbett and Allen prior to the murders.
    • Had access to the stolen documents from the church.
    • Murdered by Michelle Allen (dispute over church theft).
      PBE Games on DriveThruRPG

      1. Who killed Scott Marin?
        • Primary suspect: Gabe Babbett
      2. Who killed Michelle Allen?
        • Primary suspect: Gabe Babbett
        • Babbett and Marin were in a fight during the theft at the church. Perhaps Marin was desperate enough to try something risky.
      3. Babbett is WANTED.
      4. Who was in Michelle Allen's apartment?
        • Woods and Babbett robbed the place.
      5. What was taken from Allen's apartment?
        • A religious item, important to both Allen and Scott Marin, a bone of contention. Valuable, and stolen.
        • Babbett has the artifact and is trying to sell / fence it.
        • Babbett, Allen, and Marin were all part of the theft from the church.
        • Allen's gun, the murder weapon, was also stolen.
      6. Rental records for the murder scene are missing.
        • The records were stolen by Kevin Woods at the behest of Gabe Babbett. Woods doesn't know why, only that Babbett wanted them stolen. 
        • He broke in through the crawlspace using bolt cutters.
        • Fingerprints on a soda can nearby match Kevin Woods.
      Closed Threads
      1. Who removed the gun from Michelle Allen's apartment?
        • Gabe Babbett, assisted by Woods.
      2. Was Allen really a suicide? (NO)
      3. Does Lewis's alibi check out?
        • Alibi checks out. Multiple receipts place Lewis up north at the time of the murder.
        • Detectives have not yet informed Lewis, keeping that info as leverage.
      4. Do alibis for Richard and Anna check out?
        • Alibi checks. They were at home the night of the murder and exchanged a phone call with Scott.
      5. Where is Michelle Allen?
        • She's dead. Found in her own apartment, possible suicide, but more likely, murdered.
      6. The bloody print from the apartment belong to Gabe Babbett.
      7. The prints from the gun belong to Gabe Babbett.
      8. The murder weapon belonged to Allen. 

        Evan Stacy Attributes
        • Brawn: Fair
        • Mind: Good
        • Charm: Good
        Skills (3/5)
        • Guns: Good
        • Technology: Great
        • Interrogation Methods: Great
        Evan's Personal Characters
        • Jeff Long, Evan's partner on the force
        • Evan's Rabbi on the force
        • Evan's family
        • Evan's estranged wife
        • Evan's professional contact

        Jeff Long Attributes
        • Brawn: Great
        • Mind: Fair
        • Charm: Fair
        Skills (2/5)
        • Fight: Superb
        • Guns: Superb
        Jeff's Personal Characters
        • Jeff's relative in trouble

        Personal Threads
        • Jeff has a relative in trouble
        • Evan is on the road to divorce
        Last update: August 1, 2012

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