Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Colony - Turn 22 - Reports

The party makes it back to civilization with time to spare on their mapping contract. Time to report in and see what the loot is worth.

Start Date: July 29, morning
Start Status: Meetings
Start Location: Vinehold

The Turn

White Tulip: Smoke, Rennard, Shade, Zenobe, Mendel, One-eye, Maarek, Hagan, Sim
Exploring: Xon, Adrienne, Nogg, Aaron, Brigg, Candle, Kessel, Jinx, Javiera

After cleaning up at a water trough and a brief discussion to lay plans, Adrienne and Aaron head to the Vine estate to inform Jinel Vinel or her steward of their findings. Their approach goes much the same as last time, and they end up waiting a few minutes in a small anteroom. Aaron spends the time looking over a map of Sarvikar hanging above the mantle, while Adrienne studies what she assumes is the Vine coat of arms that's inlaid in a tabletop.

When he arrives, Warten informs the representatives that lady Vine is staying at her home in the city for a few days, attending to business. He offers wine, and then listens to their tale with interest, particularly the part about finding human remains at the lizard den. When the party mentions the obelisk, he indicates he's heard of such things being found before, although he can't recall where, down south perhaps? He is also quite interested in the information on Black Needle Forest and mentions several loggers have vanished into those woods over the years.

He does not recognize the captain's insignia or sword, other than their obvious origins with the New Kavlin army, nor does he recognize the necklace. He offers to hold it until Lady Jinel returns to see if she recognizes it, an offer the pair graciously declines. He shrugs and suggests the party uses a reputable jeweler if they plan on selling it. He recommends Jagr House in Silverforge, and offers to write a note of introduction that will ensure a fair appraisal. He also gives Adrienne a small purse [25 GP] for the information the group shared, a letter that grants free passage across Vinehold lands for a year, and the aforementioned letter. As the meeting ends, Aaron asks about the situation at Silverstream Mine. The steward says they're still awaiting word from the group who went to investigate the depths. Apparently they only left for the mine three days ago.

Business in Vinehold concluded, the group heads for New Kavlin and makes good time on the road, arriving at the White Tulip shortly after noon. While Javiera and Aaron put their heads together to finalize the maps and reports, the others fill in the rest of the group. Smoke, Rennard, and Mendel are back from their trip to Pleasant Vale too. [They can share what happened there if they like].

Brigg also brings up the plan discussed on the road to increase their payments to Mosk for full meal service, creating a comfortable base of operations for the entire group. Everyone is agreeable, so Rennard calls Mosk into the common room and makes his offer. After a bit of haggling everyone agrees on a fair price of [wait for it!] 10 GP per head per month for full room and board for everyone. With that settled, everyone relaxes for the rest of the evening, including the two mapmakers, who have finished their work.

July 30

Aaron, Javiera, and Rennard head up the hill to army HQ the next morning to meet with Lieutenant Valdea Durhel. The meeting with her goes smoothly. It's clear she's happy with the quality of the maps and, like the steward, is interested in the information about the lizard den and obelisk and is quite impressed by the teeth and claws the trio borrowed from Xon.

She mentions an old report from the city engineers (pre-plague) that indicated an obelisk was found deep beneath the city. The stone might be similar to that used in The Red Teeth, old barrows west of the city. She doesn't recognize the insignia or sword other than their obvious army provenance. The necklace also draws a blank from her. She says she'll check personnel records and see if she can find out who the missing captain was. Durhel also says that if the party will leave the insignia with her, she will talk to the quartermaster and see if he can identify them more accurately [party's call, they have no real value].

When all is said and done, she pays the group the agreed upon sum of 175 GP (7 days at 25 GP per day), plus a bonus of 100 GP for killing the lizard and assorted other finds. She also indicates she'd be happy to have the group work for her again, and seems open to a more open-ended contract.

Meanwhile, Xon, Adrienne and Brigg go to Jagr House to get the necklace and gems from the lizard cave appraised. Jagr House is a fairly small structure with thick stone walls and barred windows. Two guards outside ask the visitors to leave their weapons outside. The shop's decor belies its somewhat stark exterior. It is richly appointed and cozy. A third guard hovers unobtrusively in the background while the group speaks with the proprietor.

Once he sees the note from Warten, the jeweler becomes very attentive. He quickly appraises the piece and indicates it is fine work, originally from Darubhan in the old world. He says he would pay 2100 GP for the piece. The gems are garnets, well cut, but with some minor flaws. He'll pay 200 GP each for them. Brigg tells the jeweler he'll have to consult with his friends before making the sale and thanks him for his help. The trio returns to the White Tulip to share the news.

During the discussion, Zenobe tells everyone that Shade is probably gone for good. He was keeping a low profile, but the cleric checked the bed he was using and all his gear has been cleaned out. No one has seen him since the 25th.

One-eye also has an announcement. He's agreed to take responsibility for the church in Southreach. He'll be leaving in a day or two to assume his new duties. Candle appears somewhat disturbed by this news.


The group should decide if they're keeping or selling the gems/pendant and if they'll take lieutenant Durhel up on her offer to try and identify the insignia/sword.

Because you've already paid rent for a month (July 20 - August 20), pay 110 GP from the treasure or 8 GP per character to cover living costs through the end of August for everyone.

The total value of recovered treasure: 2816 GP
Additional rewards: 300 GP
Total value of treasure: 3116 GP

Experience per character: 618 XP
Adjust the XP value as needed for attribute bonuses.

End Date: July 30, midday
End Status: Rich?
End Location: The White Tulip, New Kavlin

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