Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PBE Games - Not So New Things

I'm so behind on all fronts, including PBE Games news. I haven't published much since the last update, The Sand Coast, but I have put out a couple new products since then. Here's a quick rundown on the latest Dungeons in Blue releases:

All the geomorphs in these sets contain a mix of corridor styles and sizes, and several have cross tile features such as water, sewers and lava. I also tried to include a number of edge geomorphs in each of these sets, since even the best dungeon must end, eventually. Here are previews of each of these sets (one-third scale):

Set J

Set K

Set L

See what I mean about quick?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Minecraft - Rebuilt (ish)

It's taken a while, but my new base is (mostly) back up and running. Moving your entire network takes a bit of planning, because once you shut down your ME system, all your stuff is stored in memory modules that you can't access, and all your auto-crafting stuff is offline. You also have to deal with wiring and power (or the lack thereof) issues.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Assembling Geomorphs in Gimp

As you probably know, I produce a line of geomorph tiles for VTTs called Dungeons in Blue. I was chatting with a customer via email recently, and they asked how to assemble geomorphs into complete maps without using an image editing program. I didn't have a good solution for them and eventually discovered that they felt Gimp was a bit too complex for such as simple task.