Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Colony - Some Items

The party in my PBEM game, The Colony, started at 3rd level, and to my mind, characters that have gained that much experience should have a magic item or two. Here are a few of the starting items from the game. We're using Labyrinth Lord, so most of this still should be easy to translate to other D&Dish systems. I've included the character names with each item  for people reading along with the game.

Rune Ring

Aaron has a ring of carved stone he found at a flea market while searching for interesting tomes and books. It has three runes inscribed upon it, stone, fire, and life. Speaking the rune aloud and rubbing the appropriate symbol grants one of the following effects for 8 hours (usable once per day):

  • Stone: +1 protection from physical harm (AC)
  • Fire: +1 protection against elemental/magical effects (saving throw)
  • Life: protection against hunger/thirst for the duration

Bag of Useful Things

This small sack of heavy leather has a silk drawstring decorated with several semi-precious stones. Once per day, the owner (Adrienne) can pull a useful item from the bag. The item lasts until another item is pulled forth the following day. Consumable items behave normally (food is nourishing, candles burn normally, etc.) The following items can be pulled from the sack.
  • 50' of silk rope
  • One day of dried rations
  • Three candles
  • Flint and steel
  • A small steel mirror
  • One pint of fine oil
  • A mallet and wooden stake
Cat Eye Amulet

Brigg has a magical amulet inscribed with a cat's eye that he found on the corpse of a Red Horde (1) raider. Inscribed on the back in the plains-dweller's tongue is the phrase "Stalker in the Grass." When he speaks this phrase (he convinced a Horde prisoner to explain the writing and teach him the pronunciation), he gains a 10% bonus to move silently and hide in shadows attempts. He can also see in the dark. These effects last 15 minutes. He's not quite sure what "Stalker in the Grass" refers to, and he's a bit worried he's invoking the aid of some pagan demon when he uses the item.

Severlak Steel Curiass

Jinx's curiass is made from the best Severlak (2) steel (+1 AC). A magical rune engraved into its surface deflects missile attacks that would ordinarily hit the wearer (up to 3x per day). There's a 1 in 10 chance any deflected missile hits someone else for minimum damage.

(1) The Red Horde are the steppe-dwelling savages that have effectively wiped out the established civilizations of the Old World.

(2) Severlak was the mountainous easternmost country of the Old World. It's metalworkers are among the best in the world (or they were).

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