Monday, May 8, 2017

The Colony - Turn 10 - Peace in the Shade

The group has reached an accord of sorts with the mysterious humanoids they encountered in the old city beneath New Kavlin. Exploration continues in a new direction.

At the White Tulip: Jinx, Kessel, Maarek, Mendel, One-Eye, Sim


Adrienne - shopping for food
Shade - exploring the neighborhood
Xon - wandering the neighborhood drawing maps
Zenobe - unknown

Exploring the Old City: Rennard, Nogg, Hagan, Javiera, Smoke, Aaron, Candle, and Brigg

Having reached something of an impasse with the leader of the people of the shade, Brigg and Smoke agree to his/her demands and retreat the way they came. Once in the hall, they gesture for everyone to fall back, and the party makes for the privy room. With the northeast direction off limits (for now) the group decides to head north from the privy room. The passage is short and ends in a small chamber with a rusted metal door in the north wall that doesn't look like it's been used in a long time. Rennard and Nogg make a tentative attempt at pulling it open. "Rusted in place," says Rennard.

"Let's leave it for now, and head west," suggests Hagan. The others agree. Meanwhile, at the back of the group, Smoke keeps a suspicious eye on the east passage, pistol in hand. She clearly expects an attack by the people of the shade.

The west passage runs about 15 feet to a four-way intersection with rough, narrow passages leading north and south. The west passage ends 10 or 15 feet beyond the intersection in a rough mound of boulders and dirt, clearly a tunnel collapse. Rennard turns north. The narrow way extends about 50 feet before ending in a stone wall. The group backtracks, waiting a few minutes while Aaron scans the narrow passage with his odd-looking monocle, then heads south.

That narrow hall continues for a considerable distance. The rough walls are a mix of earth and stone, with sections of finished wall showing here and there. Puddles of water make for wet going and the walls are slick with moisture. "I hope that's not sewer runoff," whispers Javiera, half to herself.

The passage turns east after 110 feet and then opens into a 25x25 chamber. The south wall of this room is a heap of earth and stone, clearly another cave-in. The other walls are smooth slabs of water-stained gray marble inscribed with a pattern of rectangular patterns. Holes and indentations show where fixtures of some sort, torch holders or decorations, once hung on these panels. A set of gray marble stairs, slick with mold and puddles of water, leads north and down, extending at least 30 feet.

"I don't think we should go down there, yet," says Brigg. "Let's go back to the privy room and try to get that door open. It's on the way back anyhow."

The others agree and the party retraces its steps after Aaron gives the room a once over with his monocle. Back in the small chamber near the privy, Nogg and Smoke try to force the door open. Their combined strength is sufficient to break the rusty bonds, and it swings open with a loud and rusty squeal.

A 10-foot wide passage of finished stone runs north about 60 feet and ends in a four-way intersection. The east branch is a dead end, sealed by a mound of earth and stone. The north branch ends in another rusty door. Faint light shines out of the west passage and Rennard can see a small circular chamber about 15 down the corridor. It's filled with waist-high gold and green mushrooms that emit a sickly glow. The corridor continues beyond the mushrooms and appears to widen into another room. A bitter odor fills the air, and Candle can hear a faint whistling sound, though the source eludes him.

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