Monday, August 21, 2017

The Colony - Turn 37 - Mmm Floaty

Surprised by a weird floating creature in the hall, which manages to snag Rennard in its many tentacles, the party responds with deadly force to the apparent threat.

Start Date: August ?+2, morning
Start Status: Paladin at risk
Start Location: Mountain ruin, lost

Adventuring: Rennard, Jinx, Mendel, Aaron, Maarek, Xon
At the Tulip: Adrienne, Brigg, Hagan, Kessel, Smoke, Zenobe

The Turn

[Round One - Party Initiative]

With Rennard in the grasp of the floating creature, the party acts quickly, Jinx and Mendel charge ahead, shouting to gain Xon's attention. "Careful! There may be more out there!" cries Jinx as he dodges past to the left, stabbing and slashing with his bayonet to avoid accidentally shooting Rennard. He hits nothing but air but does manage to get out of the doorway and establish himself on the west side of the creature.

Mendel goes right, trying to flank the beast, but can't squeeze past its glistening body. He bounces off the creature and wonders (briefly) how something so heavy can float in the air. His two-handed blow slashes the pinkish mass, leaving a deep gash that oozes purple fluid [8 damage].

Maarek pushes ahead and tries to grab Rennard. He manages to get a grip on his leg. "No beast, you will not have him, Sarva will protect those that deserve it!!" The priest yanks with all his might, to no avail, the creature is stronger than it looks.

Aaron, who is at the back of the party, keeps his pistol ready, but his two companions block the doorway, allowing no line of sight to the creature. He adds his shouts to those of the others.

Meanwhile, in the courtyard, Xon hears the yells of his companions echoing out of the east and south passages. He looks both ways, hesitating for a moment, then turns south, runs to the bars and squeezes through the gap. He advances with cautious haste as his eyes adjust to the darkness inside the shrine [at this point only Mendel has a light source]. He finally spots Jinx, and the creature, Rennard firmly clutched in its tentacles. "Jinx! Duck!" he cries, as he takes aim and fires, scoring a minor hit [1 damage].

Assaulted on two sides, the creature floats up and west over Jinx's head at a fairly quick pace, taking Rennard with it! Maarek tries to hold onto the paladin's leg, but can't maintain his grip. He is pulled into the main hall, stumbling. The beast lashes at Jinx and Maarek in passing, missing the cleric but slashing the fighter, and continues to flail the paladin as it moves across the shrine [Jinx 2 damage, Rennard 5 damage]. Jinx raises his blunderbuss and takes a final shot at the fleeing beast, aiming high to avoid Rennard, a miss.

[Round Two - Creature Initiative]

The bloated blob continues to move quickly as everyone piles out of the narrow corridor. Inspiration strikes Aaron, who yells, "The secret door! It's headed for the secret door! After it!" Everyone charges after the beast. Xon drops his musket, pulling sword and shield as he moves. In the dim light, everyone can see the narrow opening ahead, from which comes faint purple light. The creature ducks through the opening, paying little heed to its captive, who bounces off the door frame and floor.

As the pursuers close, a stone slab starts to swing shut. "Block that door! If it closes, Rennard is doomed!" shouts Mendel.

Xon is closest to the door. He slams into it shield first but doesn't stop its slow swing. "This thing is STRONG!" He manages to wedge his shield into the narrow opening, rolls through the gap, and comes to his feet, sword ready. Mendel follows him in, and Jinx ends up stuck outside the door with Aaron.

The thing lashes at the two fighters as they close and Xon is hit [3 damage]. Mendel avoids the flailing tentacles. Together, the two companions slash at the floating beast as it curls a tentacle around the door, trying to dislodge the shield. Neither can connect. Outside the door, Jinx says "Mind the rear!" grabs his dragon and sticks it through the gap, judging his target as best he can. The blast of the pistol is deafening to those inside, but the shot is true [penetrating hit! 9 damage].

The thing's tentacles writhe and twist, and Rennard falls to the floor. The beast drifts up and bumps against the ceiling. The tentacles cease their motion and hang limp. "It is dead?" asks Xon.

Mendel slashes at the drooping arms and there is no reaction. "I think so, but let's not take any chances. Grab Rennard and let's get out of here, at least for now." The pair grabs the fallen paladin and drags him back into the shrine. Xon retrieves his shield on the way out. In the shrine, Maarek casts a cure light wounds spell, which removes Rennard's paralysis while Xon retrieves his musket. Both Jinx and Xon reload their weapons.


Everyone is out in the south shrine next to the secret door, which is still ajar. No one got a good look at the space beyond, but it was definitely a natural cave of some sort.

Damage (please remember to keep the damage tally on the character sheet up to date)

Rennard: 17
Jinx: 2
Xon: 3

End Date: August ?+2, morning
End Status: Safe/
End Location: Mountain ruin, lost

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