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The Colony - Turn 5 - Breakfast

After encountering a pair of deadly rats in the cellar, various party members seem to think they've solved the problems plaguing the White Tulip. The owner, Mosk, is a bit skeptical about this conclusion.

Start Date: July 19, 1027, Morning
Start Status: Rats!
Start Location: Various locations in New Kavlin

The morning dawns hazy and humid, with the promise of rain in the air. Some party members head out early to take care of various personal errands. The group at the Tulip enjoys a leisurely and delicious breakfast of ham, eggs, fresh biscuits, and fruit while they discuss the night's events. Other party members, Jinx, Adrienne, Shade, and Xor, join the main group and catch up on the night's events. Various people visit the cellar and use spells and assorted devices to try and divine more about last night's intruders and the barred alcove, but uncover little additional information. A search of the rest of the building reveals no vandalism or theft.

After breakfast, the party sits down with Mosk to share their discoveries. He has mixed reactions to some of their suggestions. "Weren't rats that tore up sheets and bedding, nor did they steal a whole ham." After a moment's thought, he adds, "I'll set some poison bait out down there."

He shakes his head when the group suggests bricking or boarding up the alcove, "Makin' changes to the tunnels needs approval from the city engineer. Too much risk to the city's water source for random folk to go changin' things down there. Expensive permits and such. I can't afford that." When someone in the group suggests the engineers need never know, Mosk becomes adamant, "This is my property. " You want to go wanderin' around in the old city, that's your call, but I'm responsible for building violations."

He's amenable to some sort of longer term rental agreement (most of his customers rent by the month), especially when the group suggests they know more people and want to rent the entire place. He'll do a deal at 25 GP a month that includes breakfast. Other meals are an additional cost.

OOC: I'll let the group decide if they want to take the rental offer.

Mosk is not enthusiastic about adding pets to the household, at least not until the problem is solved for sure.

With the general discussions concluded, the party breaks up and various people head out to take care of errands and explore more of the city. Several people, including Javiera, Adrienne and Nogg, head up the hill to the military HQ. They want to contact the Marshal and see about any jobs that might be available.

When they arrive, they face a bit of a runaround, but eventually, talk to the same captain they met at the docks. He says they're hiring guardsmen, but that's full-time work. He also says they're funding small expeditions of independent agents to explore the coastal regions both north and south of the city. The pay isn't great, but there are finder's fees for any important discoveries made (mine sites, arable land, and the like).

OOC general:

Since various people are moving to new quarters and running errands, I'm going to call it here. The day passes quietly at the Tulip and everyone except Sim, Maarek and Kessel meet at the Spoon for dinner (they were taking a trip outside of town to find the brothers' family today).

OOC for clerics:

There are several Sarvan temples in the city, including Eastern and Central Orthodoxy and Unified churches. Any Sarvan priest making contact should expect to offer a standard tithe and be at least somewhat presentable. Since you've just arrived, it's unlikely you'll be asked to perform specific duties, but that will likely change over time.

White Tree druids will discover that there are few followers living in the city. Most live in the surrounding villages. The Followers here seem loosely organized. If you ask around, you'll hear Tomira Crowe mentioned as the highest-ranking druid in the area.

End Date: July 19, 1027, Evening
End Status: Dinner at the Spoon
End Location: The Tipsy Spoon

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