Thursday, January 10, 2019

PBE Games - Belated New Year's Update

Well, I've finally gotten around to providing a year-end wrapup of PBE Games releases. I think this listing covers everything released since the last post I did in December.

I'll start things off with Hexed Places - Dead Rock Spires, which takes its name from the natural pillars and buttes that rise above its barren wastes. Ancient stone piles atop many of these prominences mark the neolithic barrows of an unknown race. Sour Creek, the only water source in this rocky desert, carries a poisonous stew of chemicals that coats the rocks along its banks with black and orange crystalline deposits. Hexed Places include GM and player maps for a 6-mile campaign hex along with descriptions of interesting locales and encounters, extra odds and ends, and a random encounter table. The simple stat blocks provided are easy to adapt to most OSR games.

Next up are three triple packs of Dungeons in Blue geomorphs. Miscellany #1, Miscellany #2, and Miscellany #3 each contain 16 quarter-size tiles, each featuring dead ends, edges, corridor style transitions, or elevation changes. They simplify connections between disparate geomorph types. All three sets are available as part of a discount bundle.

Miscellany #1 Preview
Small Dungeons and Complexes work as standalone maps or as part of a larger geomorph style dungeon. Both include player and GM versions of each style of map. Here's a summary of the six new maps that fall into these categories:
  • Small Dungeons #28 shows a cave complex that hides a small lake. Cages and statues hint at this locale's dark purpose.
  • Small Dungeons #29 is a small mine with twisting passages and a few small, rough-hewn chambers.
  • Small Dungeons #30 shows a traditional dungeon complex divided in two by a deep chasm.
  • Complexes #28 depicts a tunnel or chasm that passed between two sheer cliffs. Rooms and chambers are cut into each cliff face.
  • Complexes #29 is a traditional dungeon with a large central hall, outer fortifications, and many side rooms.
  • Complexes #30 shows a large cavern with several water features. Smaller tombs are carved into the cave's walls.
Small Dungeons Map Pack #10 and Complexes Triple Pack #10 offer the usual discount on the items above. Finally, Small Dungeons Complete pulls all 30 Small Dungeons maps into a single discount bundle.

So there you have it, the end of 2018 wrapped up with a nice bow on top. Except, you know, no wrapping paper. Or bow. Thanks as always for reading. I hope you find something useful here. Happy gaming.

Complexes 29 Preview

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