Friday, May 25, 2018

PBE Games - New (and Not So New) Releases

It looks like the last PBE Games update I did was sometime in March, so I guess I'd better catch things up. I've released a dozen new products since my last post on the subject, so without further ado...

The High Density Bundle contains three new Dungeons in Blue geomorph sets that feature dense room layouts with lots of twisty corridors and confusing connections. Each of the sets is also available individually.

High Density One Preview
Three new Dungeons in Blue Complexes are standalone maps suitable for a one-shot adventure that also include geomorph-ready versions you can use to create a more elaborate dungeon or cavern complex.
  • Complexes #10 is a gauntlet of rooms and corridors filled with tricks and traps. It's the perfect challenge for a group of McGuffin seekers.
  • Complexes #11 depicts a maze of sewer tunnels. Place this dungeon beneath a town and populate it with your favorite filthy foes.
  • Complexes #12 shows a natural cavern complex with water features. Someone has excavated a tomb complex along the north side of these caves.
  • Complexes Triple Pack #4 is a discount bundle containing all three of the listed Complexes.
Complexes Eleven Preview
I've also finished off four new One Page tables. They're listed below, and they, along with the previously released One Page #26: Crafting Components are available in the One Page Pack #6 discount bundle.
  • One Page #27 Town Folk lists twenty villagers and city dwellers, each with his or her own problem. Use them to populate any fantasy town or hamlet.
  • One Page #28 Dungeon Features provides strange objects and odd terrain for your underground environment, each with its own trick or twist.
  • One Page #29 Minor Magic contains twenty magic items you can add to any fantasy role-playing game. Most have a single minor but useful power, but a few also temper benefits with consequences.
  • One Page #30 Trail Travails offers twenty minor obstacles and encounters that are ready to add to any cross-country trip.
I think that brings things up to date. Upcoming titles include two new Hexed Places, a dozen or so additional Complexes, new Mega Tiles, and a few random Dungeons in Blue tile sets.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Happy gaming!