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The Colony - Turn 8 - Creeping

The party continues their explorations in the Old City beneath New Kavlin. Sim, Maarek, and Kessel return to the White Tulip after their excursion outside the city and tell the party what they've learned.

Start Date: July 20, 1027, Mid-morning
Start Status: Twisty tunnels
Start Location: The Old City

The Turn

At the White Tulip: 

Jinx, Kessel, Maarek, Mendel, One-Eye, Sim

Sim tells the tale of the trio's journey outside the walls.

"Hello Everyone, how are things here?" He listens carefully, "Well I've left messages for Tomira, my White Tree contact here. Hopefully, she'll come here or send a message.  As for here, I'd like to try a few things if Master Mosk doesn't mind."

He continues "As for the other part of our trip, looking for Maark and Kessel's family; it seems they've vanished in the woods. It's not certain if they were taken or something else. However, there are stories of people vanishing in that area, sightings of shadowy figures, and big quadrupeds with big teeth that lurk around waterways and dense underbrush. So the possibility of exploration out that way, not sure if there would be any sort of pay for that, but we could talk to Jinel Vine who is the owner of the Vinehold."

Sim will run his plan by Mosk, if he's interested in it, just so that if Mosk has any concerns, then Sim can adjust his plans accordingly.


Adrienne - going out to shop for food
Shade - exploring the neighborhood
Xon - going out to shop for writing and drawing supplies
Zenobe - unknown

In the Old City

The current party: Rennard, Nogg, Hagan, Javiera, Smoke, Aaron, Candle, and Brigg

Having explored the tunnels and rooms closest to the entry area, the party turns their attention to the small dirt tunnel in the east-west corridor. The plan is to have Brigg and Smoke check the tunnel with Javiera and Hagan watching their back and Nogg, Aaron, Rennard and Candle watching the nearby intersections. Brigg and Smoke tried to convince Javiera to follow them, but she's having none of it.

Everyone gets into position, and Brigg activates his magical amulet and crawls through the narrow opening as quietly as possible. "Not that any lurking threat didn't hear us already," he thinks, hearing the various clanks and clashes of armor and weapons in the wider passage.

The narrow passage quickly opens into a wider space approximately 40 feet east-west and 30 feet north-south. The walls are earth and natural stone and the irregular floor is heaped with mounds of earth and boulders. Sizeable puddles turn the floor to mud in places. Earthen tunnels exit the room (south (the one Brigg used), west, north, northeast, and east).

Thick timbers of half-rotted wood prop up the ceiling, and piles of lumber and sheets of oddly out-of-place canvas create shadowy alcoves between heaps of earth and along the walls. Perhaps the work of beggars trying to shelter themselves from the musty and damp air.

Brigg whispers, "Come on," and waves a hand in front of the opening. Smoke nimbly ducks through the tunnel and draws her pistol once she's in the chamber. She looks at the improvised lean-tos, if that's what they are, uneasily. "Is there someone, or something, in there?"

Brigg shrugs, taking a few steps further into the room. Movement catches his eye. "I think yes!" he cries, as a small and hunched humanoid form swathed in dark cloth creeps out of one of the shelters. It's not alone, and several others appear before Brigg and Smoke react [what a horrible surprise roll that was]. Four of the creatures are in the northeast section of the room, but two are near the north exit tunnel. Smoke catches the glint of a dagger and Brigg hears the slithery sound of a blade being pulled from a sheath.


You see five of the whatever they are and the shadows may conceal others. They're humanoid, but if they're people, they're short, or possibly kids. At least two have weapons drawn. They've made no aggressive move, yet.

End Date: July 20, 1027, Mid-morning
End Status: Neighbors?
End Location: The Old City

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