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The Colony - Turn 31 - A View From Above

Start Date: August ?, Morning
Start Status: Not all who wander are...
Start Location: Lost

Adventuring: Rennard, Jinx, Mendel, Aaron, Maarek, Xon
At the Tulip: Adrienne, Brigg, Hagan, Kessel, Smoke, Zenobe

The Turn

After discussing their options during a rest break, the party decides, over Mendel's objections, to backtrack and start following a stream, hoping it will lead them (eventually) to the coast. The clerics also use some of their healing spells to relieve the various wounds people suffered during the short fight.

Their chosen course leads them north, then northwest. After traveling for about two miles, they find a ruined building, its roof shattered by a fallen tree. It looks remarkably similar to the huts from the ruined village they explored, but there are no signs of occupation. It's clearly been abandoned for years, if not decades.

The stream picks up some volume from several small springs and creeks, eventually turning north. It joins a fair-sized river about two miles beyond the ruined building. This flows generally east-northeast, which is more or less what Aaron thinks is the right direction, toward the coast. "At least we're not on the far side of the big mountains."

A game trail running along this stream makes for easier going for a short distance, and the party crosses a few more small streams that join the river, which bends north, then northeast, then southeast. The firs give way to more lowland trees, sycamores, and maples, and the ground is boggy in places. The game trail divides and eventually disappears along one of the small streams. As evening approaches, Aaron notices the ground rises sharply south of the river. "We should look for a camping spot here. If we move up the slope, we can find drier ground and tomorrow I'll try levitating above the trees to get the lay of the land."

The others agree (everyone is still feeling the effects of the dart venom), and they make camp in a small clearing sheltered by huge rocks on the south side. The night passes quietly, aside from a herd of deer that pass near the camp just after sunset. They head for the river to the north.

August ?+1

The next morning, everyone feels much better and the clerics use a few spells to take care of lingering wounds [everyone is at full health]. It's already hot and oppressively humid when the party finishes their morning meal. Aaron grabs a hank of rope and makes his way to the biggest tree in the area, a huge oak. He casts levitate and begins to rise, using its branches to guide himself. When he gets to the top of the trunk, he ties off the rope and wraps the other end around his waist "At least I'll only fall 100 feet onto branches if something goes wrong," he mutters. On that cheery thought, he propels himself through the canopy and up.

The first thing he notices is a huge peak rising above the forest directly to the south. It's about 9,000 feet tall and flanked by hills to the west and more mountains to the southeast, although none are as high as the main peak to the south. It looks like the river the group is using as a guide follows this ridgeline. More mountains rise in the distance to the north and northwest, and Aaron can see hills to the far west too. The entire area is forested, with dense woods visible to the northwest. What looks like another river parallels the one the group is following a few miles to the north and patches of high grass hint at boggy ground there.

Looking east, there's no sign of the coast, but there are clouds. Dark clouds. They suggest rain is on the way. Aaron takes his time and uses his magical eyepiece to fix the position of various landmarks in his mind before descending to fill in his companions. When he hears about the clouds, Maarek suggests they get moving, to get as much travel time in as possible before the rain hits.

The party sets out along the river and makes about three miles before the rain starts. Progress is slow due to the boggy conditions along the river, fallen trees (some of which are eight or ten feet in diameter, and the lack of a path. While the others take a short break, Xon and Mendel scout ahead a bit and return to report the ground ahead gets even worse. "Looks like we're heading into a marsh. Should we go around?" says Mendel.

"And should we keep going in the rain? Flooding may be a problem," adds Jinx.


I'll let you all come up with a travel plan. You're currently on the south bank of the river, and it's getting big enough that crossing will be a challenge. From what you can see, the river is running fairly high. The small streams you've crossed are also running pretty fast. Heavy rain could make things difficult and pose a real hazard if you're too close to the water. I'll get a map update done shortly.

End Date: August ?+1, Mid-morning
End Status: Lost and Wet
End Location: Lost

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