Friday, December 20, 2013

Wilds - Downtime

I haven't posted anything new from my Labyrinth Lord PBEM Wilds game in a while, because we're on a bit of a break. With the holidays approaching participation was down, and a couple players have lost interest in continuing. Right now the plan is to pick back up after January 1 and see where we stand.

As for Locky and Mordikarr, the PCs of those who have bowed out, well, I expect they'll end up something like this...

We just passed turn 100 in the game, which means 50+ weeks of two per week turns. That's a long time to play at the glacial pace of PBEM, so some losses are not surprising. We'll have to see if we have enough momentum / interest to keep going, or if we'll move on to something new.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era - Walls and Traps

A few more days have passed (OK, several more days), and there is progress! Last time I mentioned finding a spider spawner in my mine. I've now turned that into an infinite string supply, which means I can finally get some sleep! If you're unfamiliar with Minecraft, string combines into wool, and wool and wood combine to make a bed. A bed lets you sleep through the night, skipping past a lot of cowering in the dark or fighting monsters.
Home Ugly Home

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era - A Few Days Later

Some time has passed, work has been done, and improvements made. Nothing spectacular yet, but my little desert base is starting to take shape. I've spent several days in and around my original mine, finishing off the greenhouse, starting some security measures, and doing some harvesting and digging.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era - Decisions (Day Eight / Nine)

After a night of mining, that extended into the morning of day eight, I've come to a decision: I'll make this desert wasteland a solid base of operations. I've already started a mine shaft, there's ocean right outside the door, and trees that are close enough to harvest. With that in mind, I spent the day, poking around the area right next to my base, discovering a tiny patch of grass, which yielded one wheat seed; a small partially underground pool, which I'll turn into my indoor fishing pond; and a variety of dead shrubs, which are useless.
Indoor Fishing is the Future!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era - Day Six & Seven

After a couple false starts, getting lost in the desert, dying to a zombie horde, things are looking up! I spent the night doing some minor mining and found a couple nice pockets of iron, so I have some raw materials to work with now. My little hovel on the beach is nothing special, but it'll serve for now.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era - Day Three-Five (Ah, Death!)

Yep, it only took three days to die. After spending the night in the village I stumbled over, I ran outside a bit too quickly for someone with one life left. A skeleton put an end to me, and we know what that means... respawn!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era (Day Two)

Another day, another aaah, run away! After spending the night huddled in my little hole in the wall, I ran outside, hoping to find something useful. Instead I found several zombies, a giant spider, and a couple creepers. I managed to defeat the horde and gained a bit of string and some rotten meat for my troubles. At least I won't die of starvation.

PBE Games - Catching Up

I failed Marketing 101 last week, because I didn't announce the new stuff. Here's the list from this week and last:

I'm working on rounding out the terrain-based tables over the holidays. Mountains and hills are done, with arctic, wetlands, and jungle in the works. I also have two dungeon-based One Pages plus the next three Dungeons in Blue Small Dungeons almost ready to roll out.

Lastly, I'm working on a quick set of Dungeons in Blue tiles that are simple corridors and intersections. One of my customers noted a distinct lack of plain connections, so I thought I'd pull together a quick set to fill the void. This should be done later today.

Edit: aaaand done! Corridors and Intersections is now available as pay what you want.

That's it for today. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era (Day One)

I haven't played Minecraft in quite a while. I went through a period of messing with mods, including some huge mod-packs full of technology and such, but got tired of keeping them up to date with core changes. Since things have changed a lot since the last time I really delved into the game, I decided to start from scratch with a vanilla world and check out what's new. Day one begins...

The Wilds - The Trail Goes Cold

Last time the party was quasi-pursuing a group of troglodytes through the dungeon, hoping to finish off the pack before the creatures set an ambush or doubled back. The group got sidetracked when they rescued a human... slave? prisoner? food-source? from a pit in one of the nearby chambers. Carrying on...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Firefall - Battleframe Progression

I got tired of digging through the wiki for this stuff, so... tables!

Note that this information is now completely out of date. Retained for posterity.

Frame Constraint Resource Item 1x45 Accord Merit Point 3x10 Accord Merit Point
Accord Assault Methine Assault Accumulators Weapons Grade Crystite Hardened CPU
Firecat Nitrine Firecat Thermocouples Tactical Firmware Milspec Actuator
Tigerclaw Octine Tigerclaw Transducers Weapons Grade Crystite Classified Energizer
Accord Biotech Xenografts Biotech Nano-Manipulators Tactical Firmware Hardened CPU
Dragonfly Biopolymer Dragonfly Bio-Diffusors Weapons Grade Crystite Milspec Actuator
Recluse Petrochemical Recluse Nano-Toxins Tactical Firmware Classified Energizer
Accord Dreadnaught Ceramics Dreadnaught Dampeners Weapons Grade Crystite Hardened CPU
Arsenal Radine Arsenal Magnetic Accelerators Weapon Grade Crystite Classified Energizers
Mammoth Silicate Mammoth ArcNodes Weapon Grade Crystite Classified Energizers
Rhino Carbon Rhino Energizers Tactical Firmware Milspec Actuator
Accord Engineer Toxins Engineer Arrays Tactical Firmware Hardened CPU
Bastion Regenics Bastion Dielectrics Weapons Grade Crystite Milspec Actuator
Electron Anabolics Electron Accelerators Tactical Firmware Classified Energizer
Accord Recon Iron Recon SIN Configuration Module Weapons Grade Crystite Hardened CPU
Nighthawk Copper Nighthawk Target Acquisition Unit Weapons Grade Crystite Classified Energizer
Raptor Aluminum Raptor Electroconductors Tactical Firmware Milspec Actuator

Item Thump Dump Copacabana Trans-Hub Command Sunken Harbor
Classified Energizer x x x
Hardened CPU x x
Milspec Actuator x x x
Tactical Firmware x x
Weapon Grade Crystite x x

Wilds - Follow that Trog!

Last post the party was finishing off several trogs in a brief battle. Some of the party had spotted more creatures fleeing the scene, and the group was slightly split by room configuration. What could possibly go wrong?