Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Colony - Guns

It may not be apparent yet, but my PBEM game, The Colony, includes black powder weapons. We're using Labyrinth Lord as our core ruleset, but, as usual, I've tweaked a few things. Here's how black powder weapons work.
Black powder weapons are somewhat cumbersome and require powder and shot. Matchlock weapons also require a slow match to fire. Wet conditions can affect weapon performance, and they're loud. The tables below list the various weapons and accessories and summarize their performance.
  • Range indicates base range (max increments).
  • Pistols and dragon are -2 to hit per range increment
  • Muskets and blunderbuss are -1 to hit per range increment
  • Firearms have a penetration rating.
  • If the natural to hit roll exceeds penetration, roll damage twice
  • All pistol weapons (including dragons) can be loaded and fired in a single round
  • All other guns take a full round to load and a full round to fire


  • (*) Bayonets fit blunderbusses and muskets.


Gunpowder weapons are temperamental. They have a chance of misfiring when used.
  • Matchlocks, dragons, and blunderbusses misfire on a to hit roll of 1-2
  • Wheellocks misfire on a to hit roll of 1
  • It takes 2 rounds to clear a misfire
These rules are tentative; they may not survive first contact with the enemy. Of course, the party may not either...


  1. How does penetration works, rule wise ?

    1. If the natural to hit roll matches/exceeds the penetration number, and the attack succeeds, the player rolls damage twice against the target.


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