Dungeons in Blue FAQ

The Dungeons in Blue series brings classic blue maps to the virtual tabletop! These ready-to-fill maps are packed with rooms, corridors, pits, and caves; all judiciously sprinkled with tricks and traps. Every geomorph tile seamlessly connects to every other tile in the series, providing the megadungeon builder tremendous freedom and flexibility.

Can I print these tiles?

You can, but the results are likely not great (and the solid background style will chew a huge amount of ink). Most virtual tabletops, especially those that run in a web browser, work better with lower resolution maps. Lower resolution means low-quality print results. The tiles are also not sized for standard paper dimensions.

Why isn't <some tile set> listed here?

I make every effort to keep this index up to date with all Dungeons in Blue products, but I also try to limit updates to avoid spamming everyone with update messages. The listings may not have entries or links for the newest releases.

What's the deal with stairs? Shaded, unshaded, arrows, no arrows?

Shaded stairs are paths off the current level (up or down). Unshaded stairs are elevation changes within the current level. Arrows indicate direction, and stairs without can be interpreted as either up or down staircases.

Speaking of elevation changes, why so few crossovers / overhangs?

My base assumption is that most people are using these maps in a VTT with character tokens. In my experience, multilevel maps are difficult and confusing to use in this mode. Crossovers are also difficult to hide using VTT fog of war.

Where can I get more tiles?

I do a weekly tile post on my blog. These tiles include some experimental stuff, as well as early looks at new features that may show up in future tile sets. See also: Tile of the Week Pack.

What are cross-tile water features?

Streams and lake / sea edges that cross over tile boundaries in a standard way, allowing you to create extensive waterways on your maps. The downside: geomorph edges with these features don't match up well to those without. Cross-tile water features appear in all Set N, Set M, and Set O tiles, and will appear in subsequent tile sets.

What about grand hallways / grand caverns?

Grand hallways and caverns are double-sized passages that cross tile boundaries where standard passages would normally appear. As with cross-tile water features, this means some tiles won't match up well, but I'll be releasing plenty of transitional tiles to allow effective use of these features. Grand hallways first appear in Set P, Set Q, Set R, and the stand-alone Grand Hallways pack. Grand caverns will appear in later sets and in a stand-alone Grand Caverns pack.

Why are some GM and player tiles the same?

Some areas have no secrets. Both tiles are created by my edit process, so I include them.

I have another question!

Leave me a comment on the product you have a question about, ping me on G+ or my blog, or drop me a message via the contact form on pbegames.com.

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