Thursday, March 20, 2014

WIP B&W Dungeon Map

This is another iteration of the map I posted yesterday. I did some work on the staircase, lightening up the shading a bit so it's more legible. I've also added a few features to test out how some things work at this scale. I've also added some light shadows to the walls and around various features, and rebuilt the doors.

Of course the features are pretty haphazard, because this was an exercise piece, not a planned dungeon. Also, looking at this now, the altar in the SW area is kind of huge, almost ten feet across. I kind of like how the water worked out in the rectangular pool, but I'll have to redo the statue / fountain combo in the center room, as I refined the water process a bit after I did that piece. Best of all, I actually took some notes, so I can remember how to do all this next time I need a map in this format.

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