Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dungeon in B&W

I've been playing around with black and white maps lately, working on something that looks good on a printed page. This is a WIP of today's test, a simple dungeon layout with doors and a set of steps leading down to it. Nothing fancy here, but it did turn out fairly well when I ran off a copy on my cheap laser printer.

Not sure how I feel about the stairs. I dropped those on at the last minute, when I realized I had no entry to this complex. The Cells hatching pattern worked pretty well I think. I also did a grid-less version.

I think that looks a little bland, but with some added features it may work out. The grid, by the way, is 75px per 5' square, so this should work fairly well on a VTT. Next up, adding some features and a secret door (because I totally *meant* to leave off that one door on the octagonal room).

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