Monday, March 17, 2014

Wilds - Doom!?

Last time, the party was in dire straits. Two members downed by spells, two more sorely wounded, and multiple brutish foes lined up against the fighters. Add to that the sudden appearance of two brute-zombies, who rose behind the party, cutting off escape. Things are looking grim for our plucky heroes. Will they survive?

[Round Fifteen] - Party initiative (lucky lucky...)

"Necromancer?" mutters Dagmarten.

"Go brother, I have my potion!" says Ingvild, digging into his pouch. He digs out the potion and quaffs a dose. [7 Healed]

Dagmarten moves to the corner, raising the wooden boar's head he wears high.

Tesso runs forward to hack at the nearest risen brute, hopefully providing space for Maro to escape his predicament. The elf attempts to squeeze out of his place in the line while still defending himself, but it's all very very cramped.

Rawon and Locky have no foes visible to the west, so both can prepare their missile weapons.

Dagmarten invokes Agnia, his attention focused on the two undead brutes at the doorway. The nearest creature turns and flees through the door to the east, pushing the second brute out of the way as it goes! The opening created gives Maro and Tesso room to exchange places, and Maro takes a swing at the fleeing creature as it departs, a hit! [4 Damage]

Rawon fires at the brute in front of Tesso, buying Maro a bit more space, but the fiery arrow clatters off the wall. Locky follows up with a sling stone, which hits! [2 Damage] Ohwatoo adds a magic missile from his wand to the mix, firing at the wounded creature in front of Tesso [3 Damage].

Raúguey and Tesso attack the foes before them, all too aware of the third creature waiting to take the place of the two engaged brutes. Neither can score a hit as the two brutes block the incoming blows.

The two brutes attack in return, both scoring hits! [11 Damage Raúguey, 9 Damage Tesso]. Tesso falls! [Happy now? :)]

The shambling brute in the hall, distracted by the departure of its newly risen ally, enters the main hall, looks about for the nearest foe, and spots Ohwatoo just to the north. "Brorgraaaaa!" [Translation from Goblin: "Braiiins"] it moans as it swings at the mage, who manages to avoid the blow by falling across Mordikarr's still form. Suren reacts to this new threat by attacking the zombie-brute. [2 Damage]

[Round Sixteen] - Party Initiative

Dagmarten begins to cast a spell!

Ingvild runs around the corner, looking much healthier. He sees the zombie brute attacking Ohwatoo and closes with it. Locky and Rawon take a few steps back and prepare to fire again. Ohwatoo continues his backward scramble, ready to fire his wand again.

Locky and Rawon both fire, Locky at Tesso's foe, Rawon at the zombie. Both hit! [4 Damage brute, 8 Damage zombie]. The brute falls! Fire bursts from the zombie as the burning ichor on Rawon's arrow catches. [3 Damage] Ohwatoo adds a magic missile from his wand, [7 Damage].

Dagmarten's spell goes off, and Maro, expecting a cure, is surprised when the cleric gestures at the two foes facing Raúguey! Both creatures go still!

Raúguey blinks in surprise, then yells "Kill them!" and hacks the nearest brute's head off!

"Still busy!" shouts Ingvild, engaged with the zombie creature. He stabs with his short sword, a hit! [5 Damage] The thing drops with a quiet moan.

Maro seizes the moment and darts past Ingvild, hacking at the brute that was trying to move forward to flank Raúguey. The hapless creature dies beneath his blade!

Bodies drop to the floor, twitch, and then go still. Silence, broken only by the distant sound of a door slamming shut!

OOC - That seems like a good place to stop.

It's obvious there's at least one more foe south, likely trying to escape. Or releasing the hounds.
There's a turned zombie somewhere to the east.

Dagmarten, Rawon, Locky, and Ohwatoo are in the corner, along with Durego and Mordikarr, who are still down.
Raúguey and Maro, with Ingvild behind them, and Tesso down at their feet, are southernmost in the corridor.

Durego - unmoving
Raúguey 19 damage
Locky 8 damage
Mordikarr 2 damage, unmoving
Maro 13 damage
Ingvild 2 damage
Tesso 9 damage, out

Ohwatoo's wand is down to 10 charges.


  1. Poor Tesso. He needs magic broth.

    1. Unlike Gorvil, he actually did hit something before going down. :)


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