Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wilds - Wild Swings

Lots of ups and downs this session.

[Round Thirteen] - Foe Initiative

As Locky prepares his sling for another strike against Ingvild's foes, two kobolds dart out of the shadows and charge him! Both the creatures are armed with short sword, both attack, and one scores a hit! [4 Damage] Locky yanks is sword free, ready to defend fallen Durego. "A little help!" he cries.

"Busy!" calls Ingvild, as his opponents strike. As with Locky, one hits, one misses. [6 Damage]. Ingvild cries out in pain as the blade cuts his side!

The brutes facing Raúguey and Maro, bolstered by companions at their back, strike at their foes. Both miss! "Lucky that," mutters Maro, who can feel a trickle of blood leaking from beneath his armor.

"Tesso!" bellows Raúguey, "The time to avenge is now!"

"Let's go!" says Dagmarten to his companion. The pair dash past Ohwatoo, into the western hall. Dagmarten heads for his brother, and Tesso moves to assist Locky. Ohwatoo, lets them pass as he debates the cost of firing another blast with his wand. "Bad idea," he says to himself. "Better to get Mordikarr out of the line of fire!" He crosses the now-smouldering floor, and grabs the wild man by the shoulders. "Ooof! Heavy!" He drags him away from the melee, ending up at the wall, just north of the stubby hall door.

Rawon takes a shot at Maro's foe, using one of his light-emitting arrows. A hit! [1 Damage] The arrows nicks the creature and falls to the ground behind it.

Raúguey aims a powerful attack at his foe, [Oh you have to be kidding me]. A powerful hit! So potent is this attack that Raúguey's blade carries through his immediate foe and catches the brute waiting behind him! [21 damage. Natural 20 + Power Attack, plus BEES]. The front foe falls, head held on by a thin band of bloody flesh, his startled companion takes a strong cut to the body. BRRRRZZZZZZRRRRRZZZZZZZZ! Swarms of golden bees stream from the Sword of Bees, surrounding the hapless brute!

Maro tries to emulate Raúguey's success, hacking at his foe, but conscious of Suren's presence. He connects! [3 Damage] Suren also attacks, but his fangs find no purchase on the creature's hide armor.

Locky and Tesso attack the two nearest kobolds, striking with short sword, and long sword respectively. Both miss. Dagmarten and Ingvild also swing at their two kobolds. Ingvild manages to drive his short blade through his foe's brain, and Dagmarten gives his a feeble whack with his quarterstaff. [Dead and 1 Damage].

[Round Fourteen] - Party Initiative

Since Dagmarten's lantern has provided illumination to the west, Rawon skips firing an illumination arrow in that direction. Instead he fires a burning ichor coated arrow at Maro's foe. A hit! [2 Damage +1 Burning] The creature howls as fire scorches its shoulder, then falls, dead.

Desperate blows to the north, Ingvild, Dagmarten, Locky, and Tesso all attack the remaining kobolds. Ingvild finishes off the last of his foes, and Locky and Tesso score a combo of blows that finish off theirs. "Clear up here!" shouts Ingvild.

Meanwhile Maro and Raúguey press their advantage against the second rank of foes, slipping and scrambling over the corpses of the two dead brutes. Suren retreats to her master's side, uttering a whining, worried growl. The two combatants swing at their foes, and both hit! [5 and 11 Damage]. Raúguey's foe drops, Maro's is still standing.

Two *more* brutes charge into view from the south, closing swiftly with the elf and fighter. The one in the lead, armed with a heavy two-handed maul, aims a mighty blow at Raúguey, but howls in rage as the blow misses. Maro's foe swings and scores a hit against the elf! [7 Damage. Elf, your life force is running out.]

"I don't feel so good," hisses Maro, staggered by the blow.

"Maro needs aid!" cries Raúguey. Then he cries out again, but this time the cry is surprise tinged with fear! Maro's dead foe moans and staggers to its feet!

"Necromancer!" shouts Rawon, then "Ack!" as the brute corpse at the door rises too!

OOC - Seems like a good stopping point.

Those that can see in the W room, there is a large statue of a tree on the dais. North and south are smaller tree statues on square stone bases. There is no sign of more foes there, but kobolds are sneaky like that.

Dagmarten and Ingvild are at the NW X. Ingvild is badly injured.
Locky and Tesso are at the NE corner with Durego, who is down.
Rawon is just to the SW of Locky / Tesso.
Ohwatoo and Mordikarr (down) are just north of the door leading to the stubby hall.
Raúguey and Maro are at the S X. Maro is badly injured.

There are three brutes engaged with Maro and Raúguey.
Two of the dead creatures have risen! One is behind Maro, one is at the door to the stubby hall. Braaiiiins.
Still no sign of the spell-caster.

Raúguey did not have a chance to get his potion out and give it to Maro.

Durego Out
Raúguey 8 Damage
Locky 8 Damage
Mordikarr 2 Damage Out
Maro 13 Damage
Ingvild 9 Damage


  1. Whoa. Things are getting super hairy for our stalwart adventurers! (pun somewhat intended)

    1. They've begun to question their very survival. I view that as a good thing. :D


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