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Wilds - Brute Squad? No Brute-Bridge!

After a fiery introduction the party has taken the initiative, for now, from the shaggy foes. Will the group follow Raúguey's bold leap into the next hall, or will they die of smoke inhalation? Let's find out!

[Round Ten] - Foe Initiative

With a hideous yowling cry, the brute in the now-flaming pool of oil leaps out of the flames, straight toward Raúguey! As it lands, it staggers, and then collapses, with thin flames rising from its singed and hairy legs. [9 Damage from the pool of oil]. Distracted by the creature's sudden appearance, Raúguey barely has time to respond when another of the brutes appears from the shadows to the south! It slashes at the fighter with a heavy axe, but the blow glances off his mail. Is that movement in the darkness beyond? The fighter attacks in return, but meets with equal lack of success.

The creature facing Durego and Mordikarr takes a desperate swing at the newly-arrived and heavily armored cleric, but the hasty blow goes wide.

"Mordikarr! Shove it now!" cries Durego, raising his hefty shield and slamming into the creature before him. Mordikarr obliges by bracing himself in the corner and using his heavy blade as a prod. The combined weight of two humans is more than the sorely wounded creature can resist. It staggers back into the flames [5 Damage], shrieks, and falls in the pool of oil. "Follow me!" shouts Durego, using the fallen creature as a crude bridge across the oil. Mordikarr obliges and the two men stumble into the hall behind Raúguey. Durego ends up in the corner, Mordikarr right at Raúguey's shoulder.

As the flames in the fire room die down, steps through the door, avoiding the still smouldering sections. Smoke causes his eyes to tear up, but he manages to half-feel his way to the north side of the doorway leading to the stubby hall and peer into the space beyond. "Oh!" He arrives just in time to see Mordikarr disappear across the burning brute! "Maro, Locky! They've broken through!" Maro and Locky give each other a look and a nod and charge back into the smoke. They're familiar with the layout, so they both head through the door and into the stubby hall.

"Yowch!" cries Locky, spotting the dead brute in the flames. Beyond the smoky flames he can half-see Raúguey, Mordikarr, and... Durego? But no foe [the creature is south of the doorway].

Ingvild gestures for Dagmarten to hold his position, and ducks around the corner into the fire room, taking position at the near side of the door [further progress blocked by Maro / Locky].

Back at the arrow slit, Rawon sees obscure figures move through the smoke and can just make out Durego disappearing into the shadows beyond the door. Behind him, Tesso says, "It's really dark here you know. I can't see more than a few feet up the stairs."

Rawon makes a decision. "We need to move up." They're through the door and into the hall beyond! Come on!" He trots through the statue hall, and ends up beside Dagmarten. "Got a light for Tesso here?" he asks the cleric.

"Already working on it," says the cleric, who is lighting his lantern. "Tesso, stay with me and watch the back!"

[Round Eleven] - Foe Initiative

A second brute appears out of the southern shadows, taking position beside his companion, hefting a heavy stabbing sword. Behind them, in the darkness, something incants a spell!

Durego regains his balance just in time to see... kobolds! With crossbows! The trio [directly west in the newly illuminated space there] all fire at the cleric, but the bolts miss or glance off his mail. He raises his mace high and is about to charge, when... his muscles freeze in place! Mordikarr finds himself in a similar predicament, unable to move at all! At his shoulder, Suren squeals in panic as the fighter slowly falls backwards, landing on the smouldering corpse in the hall! Durego falls also, but forward. As he lands, his body covers the light stone clutched in his shield hand. Kobold cackles sound in the darkness.

With Mordikarr down the two brutes focus on Raúguey, who starts to wonder if the bold leap was such a good idea (especially since he saw more of the creatures in the briefly illuminated hallway south). The axe-wielder scores a hit, the other misses. [3 Damage]

The flames in the fire room have been reduced to a few tiny flickers of flame and smouldering rags and corpses, but the smoke is still thick. In the stubby hall the pool begins to go out, and Maro and Locky watch in horror as Mordikarr falls! "With me Locky!" cries Maro, leaping over the pool and into the hall. He whirls to the left, ready to strike!

Locky follows. As he advances. In the fading light of the fire, he spots Durego down on the ground and moves to protect him, shouting, "Ohwatoo, we need light!"

The mage moves up into the stubby hall, angling north as he unlimbers his precious wand of magic missiles. Calling "Mordikarr is down!" over his shoulder. He spots one of the brutes in the hall, aims and speaks the command word for his wand! [5 Damage]

Ingvild runs past Ohwatoo and easily leaps the remaining flames. He turns an awkward landing atop the stacked Mordikarr and corpse into a roll and comes up at the corner of the west hall, sword ready. The faint glow outlining Durego's still form reveals the location of the much-needed light so he and Locky flip over the heavy cleric, "Oof, he needs to lose some weight," mutters Locky.

Ingvild pries the stone free, and then drops it on the cleric's chest as he spots the kobolds to the west! "Trouble!" he warns, preparing to charge the kobolds.

At the back, Rawon advances into the stubby hall, and asks, "What's out there, Ohwatoo?"

"Two big things south, something else to the north. Mordikarr is down, and Raúguey and Maro are engaged.

"Looks like Durego is down too!" exclaims the elf, spotting Ingvild and Locky stooping over the still form of the cleric. "Going in!" He emulates Ingvild, minus the roll, and takes position where he has a view both west and south.

Maro and Raúguey attack their respective foes, swinging ElfSword and Sword of Bees respectively. Raúguey misses, but Maro scores against his enemy. [7 Damage]

[Round Twelve] - Party Initiative (Finally)

With kobolds in sight and a downed friend to protect, Ingvild charges the kobolds, who clump up and draw their own blades. As he closes bolts streak out of the shadows! [Prepared shots] Ingvild is hit! [3 Damage]

Rawon sensibly decides the third creature advancing up the south hall is more of a threat than kobolds. He fires an blue-goo tipped arrow at the brute, a clean hit!. [4 Damage] Ohwatoo decides the situation is dire, and fires a second precious wand charge at the same brute. [7 Damage] Locky fires at one of the visible kobolds [Whack dead - always bet on Locky when it comes to darts].

Raúguey and Maro each attack their foes, but neither can connect! "AUGH!" growls Maro in frustration. There's a sudden squalling growl and the enraged Suren charges between Maro's feet and attacks the brute! [2 Damage]

Ingvild engages the visible kobolds, trying to angle himself to the wall so Locky can still fire. Unfortunately his blow goes wide.

And now the enemy engages. The two remaining kobolds attack Ingvild, but both miss. The brutes attack Maro and Raúguey, but neither can connect. The third brute, also armed with an axe, moves up, ready to take either of his companion's places should they fall. A *fourth* brute appears in the southern hall!

Back in the statue hall, Tesso and Dagmarten move into the fire room and the door there. The smoke slowly clears from the fire room, and the flames are all but gone.


Brute-bridge was brilliant!

The west X is Ingvild, the south X, Maro and Raúguey. Fire in the stubby hall is dying out, fire in the fire room is pretty well out. There's still a lot of smoke in the stubby hall, fire room, and back by the stairs.

Durego and Mordikarr are down and unmoving. No one really saw what happened, just that they fell. Sorry guys. Bad saves all around.

Maro and Raúguey are facing two of the brutes, with two more behind them.
Ingvild is facing two visible kobolds with at least another two in the shadows and out of sight.
Ohwatoo is edging up to the door of the stubby hall as fire permits.
Rawon and Locky are at the corner, armed with missile weapons.
Dagmarten and Tesso have rear-guard, moving forward.

Durego (paralyzed)
Raúguey 8 total damage (1 from before potion)
Locky 4 damage
Mordikarr 2 damage (paralyzed)
Maro 6 damage
Ingvild 3 damage

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