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Wilds - That's the way we do it in Blackpool!

In which a very poor tactical situation is turned on its head, possibly leading to another poor tactical situation.

[Round Eight] - Foe Initiative

Maro yells "Curse these flames!" and begins casting a spell!
Ohwatoo spots one of the creatures from his position by the door. "At last!" He begins casting a spell!

As heat rolls off the flaming oil, the two halberd-wielding creatures in the door take advantage of the party's poor position, both strike at their nearest foes, Mordikarr and Ingvild. Apparently the smoke is getting to them too, they both miss horribly. Mordikarr can just make out movement beyond the front rank, smaller figures — is that another oil pot they're carrying?

Durego prepares to retreat from the flame-filled room, but there's no where to go. He dithers a moment, catches sight of the kobold kneeling before Raúguey and shouts, "Kill the vermin Raúguey!"

In the hall Dagmarten holds where he is, worried eye on his brother. Rawon heads back east to the landing. "Maybe I can get a shot through that arrow slit now." Tesso follows, "I'll watch your back!" The pair take up station there, but between the flames in the room and the smoke pouring out of the slit and up the stair, there's little to see at the moment.

Locky's lower viewpoint allows him to see more easily than his taller companions. He spots something small moving at the back of the corridor. "Gotcha!" he cries, whipping a sling stone between the two larger figures to either side of the doorway! [4 Damage] Whack, dead!

As the creature falls Ingvild hears something hit the floor and *crash* break. "I got a bad feeling about that," he thinks to himself.

Maro's spell goes off, and a magic missile flies toward the beast nearest Ingvild. [7 Damage]
Ohwatoo's spell goes off, and a magic missile flies toward Mordikarr's foe. [5 Damage]

"About time," mutters Ingvild, searching for an opening. It's a hard spot, what with two halberds flashing out of the door and Mordikarr swinging his great crook-bladed sword about. His opponent dodges aside [Miss]. Mordikarr faces similar challenges with similar results [Miss].

Raúguey is about to bring The Sword of Bees down upon the kobold's head when he hears the shout that more big ones are at the door. He hears cries of retreat but can't find room for that notion among all the thoughts of battle and glory. He pins the kobold to the floor with one hand and takes a draft from his potion of heroism, with the other (putting sword down for the moment, standing on it so it can't be taken from him). He grabs the puny creature before him and hoists him up in front of him. He turns and charges the door blocked by the hairy beasts, using the kobold as a human shield against the beast's weapons. He continues his full on charge, plowing into the nearest beast to create an opening into the room. "There's no fire in here!" he shouts as he rushes the door. "Durego, Locky, fight with meeeeee!!!" [Raúguey feels pretty good. Kind of invincible!]

The flames continue to roar in the room, but there are no further sounds of breaking pots. Those nearest the flames, Maro and Locky, feel the flames creeping closer. Maro's position offers a bit of cover, but Locky has no such luxury. "I'm feeling like a well-done steak here!" he cries, then thinks, "Mmmm, steak." [2 Damage to Locky]

[Round Nine] - Party Initiative

"Ha! I can still see him! It! Whatever it is. I wonder what it is exactly..." Ohwatoo begins casting a spell!
"Still alive!" cries the elf. Maro begins casting a spell!

Hearing Raúguey's shout and charge, complete with squealing kobold, Mordikarr and Ingvild duck away from the door, Mordikarr to the north, Ingvild to the south. Raúguey charges through the door, shoving the kobold at one of the two creatures as he forces his way past. With the creatures in disarray, Mordikarr seizes the opportunity and follows Raúguey in. Durego moves up to take his position at the door.

Locky can see no shot and fears firing into the tight-packed melee in the short hall. With smoke curling from his clothing he decides to get out while he can and dashes into the hall, nimbly dodging past Ohwatoo. Ingvild sees space and ducks out as well, stopping next to Dagmarten. "Heal me brother, it appears we're staying a while."

At the arrow slit, Rawon continues to peer through the smoke. When he sees Raúguey's charge, he sighs, pulls out his flask, and takes a stoic swig. Tesso crouches near the stair, wiping his eyes and trying to see up the smoke-filled incline.

Maro's magic missile goes off, striking the southern creature. [2 Damage] Ohwatoo's hits the northern creature. [7 Damage]

In the room, Mordikarr engages the nearest creature. but the room is now overflowing with two-handed weapons. He cannot land his blow. [Miss] Raúguey ignores the two creatures nearest the door. focusing on the third at the far end of the hall, just coming into the room. He shoves the kobold at the brute and swings! His blow, invigorated by the potion he quaffed, hits! [10 Damage]

Mordikarr's foe attacks the wild man. His long weapon is also hampered in the tight spaces, but he manages to score a hit! [2 Damage] Ingvild's former foe drops its halberd and sweeps out a short-hafted axe. It swings at Raúguey from behind, but misses! The third brute brings its halberd to bear on the fighter, but the kobold "intercepts" the blow, squealing as it dies and joins the other kobold corpse on the slick floor.

"Wonder why the floor is so slippery in here," thinks Raúguey as he struggles to keep his feet.

In the room, the fire dies back a bit, but smoke continues to fill the cramped space. Ohwatoo notices the remnants of the battered door are beginning to smoulder. [No one is close enough to take damage]

[Round Nine] - Party Initiative

Dagmarten prepares a spell!

The swirling melee in the hall has removed Ohwatoo's foe from sight. He peers at the smoke and flame remaining in the room (and the smouldering door), and shakes his head. "I'll be right here!" he calls, holding his position and gripping his quarterstaff, ready to bean anything that comes out the door.

Maro, still smouldering, decides he needs to get out of the fire for a minute. He dashes through the south door, past Ohwatoo, who barely aborts his swing.

Locky yanks out a water skin and pours it over his still smouldering clothes. "Ahhh, that's better." He sprays the remainder on Maro's smoking cloak. The elf gives a sharp nod of thanks.

"Come on!" cries Raúguey, pressing forward against the newest foe.

At the door, Durego hesitates, unwilling to force his way into the cramped hall beyond the door.

"Gotcha!" whispers Rawon loosing an arrow. A brief gap in the smoke, grants him a shot at one of the brutes. "Curses!" he shouts, as the arrow nicks the edge of the door and ricochets off a wall before falling to the floor. Tesso, unseen in the smoke and shadows, shakes his head.

Dagmarten's spell goes off, and he heals Ingvild. [Fully healed]

In the crowded hall, Raúguey presses his foe, striking hard and fast. [12 Damage] The creature howls and falls back into the space beyond the second door, dead!

Mordikarr hacks at his foe again, and again his blow is impeded by the tight spaces [A new fumble master!] Cursing, he drops the heavy blade and sweeps out a tomahawk.

Durego finally commits. He takes position in the doorway and swings his mace at the nearest brute, Mordikarr's enemy. A hit! [3 Damage] The creature staggers but remains on its feet.

The two creatures in the hall, one on Mordikarr, one at Raúguey's back, attack. Mordikarr dodges his staggering foe's blow, but Raúguey is not so lucky and the axe bites. [4 Damage]

There's a faint *whoosh* in the hall at Raúguey's back, followed by sudden heat. "Ahh crud!" he shouts as he suddenly realizes why the floor was slick. Without hesitation he leaps through the doorway into the shadowed space beyond...


The fire in the room has died off a bit, but there's still a ton of smoke in the room, statue hall, landing, and stairs. There's a draft up the stairs, which is pulling smoke in that direction.

There is new fire in the stubby hall, thanks to Locky's lucky shot and Rawon's not-so-lucky shot.

There are two creatures remaining in the stubby hall, one sorely wounded engaged with Mordikarr, the other about to find out why you don't stand in the fire.

There are two dead kobolds and one dead brute in the W end of the stubby hall. BBQ anyone?

Raúguey is in the space beyond the stubby EW hall.
Mordikarr is in the stubby hall.
Durego is at the E door of the stubby hall.
Maro and Locky are in the statue hall.
Ohwatoo is E of the statue hall door.
Dagmarten and Ingvild are W of the statue hall door.
Rawon is at the landing arrow slit.
Tesso is watching his back and the stairs.


Raúguey 5 Damage (but boosted by the potion of heroism)
Locky 4 Damage
Mordikarr 2 Damage
Maro 6 Damage

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  1. This has been an epic combat sequence. Favorite part: Raúguey using the kobold as a battering ram / meat shield.


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