Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tome of Names V1 now on DriveThruRPG

As a GM, I hate making up names, so I did something about it. Each Tome of Names volume contains contains over 370 unique names arranged as three language collections, each with its own flavor and sound. Each language collection is subdivided into given names and surnames arranged in a dice-friendly tables to allow easy random name selection. There's a PDF sample available on DriveThruRPG that includes a bunch of example names, so you can see if they're useful to your campaign.


  1. Seems like an invaluable resource. Query: does drivethrurpg distribute pdf's that are simply pages of scanned images? The handfull of guides I've bought in the past (from drivethru or rpgnow or some similar site) were exactly that. It drove me nuts. It was painful to navigate from page to page (very slow) and of course no text selection made me a sad person.

  2. Some of the PDFs available are scanned, especially some of the older stuff being republished electronically. On DriveThru/RPGNow there *should* be a "Format" listed for any product (usually in the left sidebar) that indicates a scan vs. original electronic document, but publishers also have the option of disabling copy/paste in their published PDFs.

    I'm always leery of buying products without a preview.


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