Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Wilds - Just in Cave

A short turn this round. With the PCs deciding to take a break from the downpour they find themselves in, they head into the cave for a short break. As they soon find out, there's a bit more to it than that...

Start Date: July 2, Year of the Badger, noonish
Start Status: Singin' in the...
Start Location: In the wilds, 22+ miles SW of Stonefinger

The Turn

With Grit and Raúguey in the lead, the party heads to the cave, hoping for a brief respite from the rain. Rawon, Urúvion, Locky, and Maro make up the second rank as the pair approaches the narrow crevice. "Dark in there," mutters Raúguey, as Locky prepares his lantern. Grit slides past two large stones and down the narrow slope to a broader space beyond. Raúguey follows and Locky holds position at the entry, holding the lantern up so the others can see. The interior space is about fifteen feet deep, and eight or ten feet wide, sloping gently down to another opening leading back into the hill.

"Let's keep going," says Grit, who heads to the rear of the cave.

"What's that smell?" asks Raúguey. "Kind of musty."

"I don't smell anything," says Grit as he peers through the gap.

A sudden yowling screech sounds from above, startling Grit, Raúguey and Locky. Something leaps from a previously unnoticed ledge and lands on the hapless dwarf. Something big and furry. With claws! And fangs. Without further ado it claws and bites at Grit! Luckily its leap has left it off balance, it misses with all attacks. With a scream that sounds like a dozen school-girls being run through a blender it bounds forward to attack again...

OOC: Combat!

End Date: July 2, Year of the Badger, noonish
End Status: blood, yeah, that's it. Singin' in the blood!
End Location: In a cave. In the rain.

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