Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Minecraft - Jungle Tree Farm


After much digging and hollowing, the space for my jungle tree farm is complete, and the first trees are growing. I've also discovered a nice side benefit to this space, it's a slime spawn area!
Jungle tree farm and my new friend "Happy"
Unfortunately, I've still got a bit of work to do here. Trees will grow through stone and replace ladders if they intersect, and early growth tests prove that my walls are a bit close. I'm not particularly concerned about walkways and walls. Filling the occasional hole there is no big deal. I'd rather not lose ladders though, so I'll probably have to move all the ladders into new locations. I'll figure that out once I've seen a few more full-grown trees in this space.

For now I'm going to call this done, and mark off the tree farm goal on my list of goals for this game. Now that I've dug out this giant space I have a ton of stone and plenty of wood. I'll need to get my hands on more glass before returning to the mega-tower, so perhaps an exploratory side trip to a desert is in order now.

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