Monday, June 25, 2012

Minecraft - Work in Progress

Lest you think I've forgotten about my Minecraft let's play build, here's an update. There's not a ton of visible progress, because my giant tower project has been consuming huge piles of blocks. Since I've decided to emphasize glass on the top floors, this means digging sand, then cutting wood, and then melting sand to glass.  Did I mention it was a lot of blocks?

The good news is, the main shaft of the sky tower is complete!

Look! Up in the sky!
That's a view from out on the now-very-flat desert where I've been digging sand. The very top of the tower is mostly glass, so it's a little hard to see from here. A closer view...
Here you can see more of the structure, and the framework of the very top chamber of the tower. The plus-sign of stone up there is forming a floor for the top-most layer you can actually walk on, the roof level. There are still some big holes in the lower layer floors, because, well, glass. As a side project I've built a minecart line between my main base of operations and the lower level observation deck to speed up transportation between the sites. I'll definitely need to extend this to the top level at some point. It takes a loooong time to climb the central ladder to the sky.

Between dig-chop-melt-build cycles, I've been progressing on other fronts. I've finished a basic below-ground ranch chamber, complete with grass. Growing grass down a 200 meter tunnel took a while, believe me.
The Ranch - Baa!
Yeah it's nothing special. That's the fun of farms, everyone needs em, but they're not sexy. Speaking of farms, the jungle-tree farm is coming along nicely.
No, it's not really termites. The easy way to harvest a jungle tree is cut a spiral up the trunk, then clear the remains from the top down. This farm isn't complete yet -- I still need to shift some of the ladders away from the main chamber and put doors on all ladder access. These trees are large enough that they leave some dark spots on my hanging walkways (especially when they grow through blocks and remove torches). I've found a couple monsters wandering around in here, so I want to be sure it's well secured.

That's about it for this update, stay tuned!

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