Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Minecraft: A New Beginning

I've been figuring out what to do with my next Minecraft project. My last build started pretty solid, but I lost steam before I was really done, and ended up walking away from the project before it was really complete. For the next project, I'm putting together some rules and goals, both to provide an increased challenge, and to give me a bit more focus. I'm also going to go for a more modern build, something I haven't really done before.

The Rules
These are the starting rules for this build. I may add more or refine these as I go. Of course I'm always open to suggestions from readers.
  • Rule One: Clean Industry. All industry and farming will be done underground and out of sight if possible. If there is a task that must be carried out on the surface, it must be enclosed in a structure that conforms to the rules. This will require a bit more work to get things rolling, as I'll be doing more digging to start food production. It'll leave me a cleaner canvas on the surface for actually building stuff.
  • Rule Two: Green Building. Any tree or cactus cut down on the surface must be replaced. Replacements need not be replanted at the exact same location, but must be within sight of the original.
  • Rule Three: Curves. All structures must include at least one non-flat surface. This rule is a bit nebulous, so I'll probably refine it later.
  • Rule Four: Survival Mode. All work must be done in survival mode with no item cheats or mods.

This is a list of things I want to accomplish in this build. They range from the trivial to the difficult. Again suggestions welcome.

  • Build the following farms: wheat, cactus, tree, pumpkin, melon, vine, and mushroom. For items with multiple types (trees and mushrooms) all types are required.
  • Build holding pens stocked with: chickens, cows, pigs, sheep.
  • Dig a mine shaft from ground to bedrock.
  • Create a complete set of diamond armor.
  • Build a structure that reaches the top of the sky and allows player access to at least the cloud level.
  • Build a structure with an atrium that contains a lava fall and a water fall.
  • Build an outdoor park that is safe to walk at night.
  • Build a working monster trap.
With all that in mind, I'll be swapping to a new texture pack for this build. Right now I'm messing about the Definitecraft, which looks like it will work well with a modern look build. I'm not completely set on this though. I'll probably make the next post for this build after I've found an interesting world and set up a basic shop. No need to rehash that stuff. I'll be looking for something with open spaces this time, and hopefully no giant cave system beneath it.

Until next time... happy building!

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