Thursday, December 13, 2018

PBE Games - Almost Year-End Update

As we wind our way to the end of the year, here's a quick update on new PBE Games releases. The first item on the list is Animal Companions, an OSR-friendly system for leveling mundane creatures such as dogs, mules, or horses. In addition to outlining rules for companion training and care, Animal Companions includes the Beastmaster, a character class that can tame powerful animal allies. You can check out an early/rough version of the material in Animal Companions right here.

Next up are about a dozen Dungeons in Blue Complexes and Small Dungeons. Both types of products feature standalone and geomorph ready versions of VTT maps drawn in the classic blue style. Here's the full list:

Complexes #23 Preview
As usual, bundle deals offer access to multiple products at a discount.

Looking ahead, I have three Complexes, three Small Dungeons, and three sets of assorted Dungeons in Blue geomorphs in the queue for 2018. There's also one more Hexed Places waiting in the wings. Early in the new year, I'll update the Dungeons in Blue Master List to include all products released this year.

Here's a special offer for those willing to read this far: Pick up Animal Companions for a buck off using this link. This offer is good now through Christmas 2018.

Thanks, as always, for reading this update. I hope the holidays treat you well.

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