Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wilds - Tick Tock

Barricaded in the fire room, the party waits out the holds placed on Durego and Mordikarr, while examining the loot they've managed to recover.

Fortified but tired, the party settles down to wait for the two disabled members to recover their senses. Raúguey wants to lay out pools of oil in the west hall to surprise any enemy approaching from that direction, but no one else seems interested in that tactic, so the plan goes unimplemented. The only bit of excitement is when the last zombie brute returns, scrabbling at the door at the bottom of the stair. Rawon takes the opportunity to use the rest of his soon-to-be-destroyed-by-burning-ichor arrows and turns it into a pin-cushion via the arrow slit. The zombie dies, face pressed against the too-narrow slit.

While waiting the still-on-their-feet party members perform a thorough search of the fire room and statue hall. They don't find anything major, and Dagmarten identifies the wolf-headed statue on the altar as Fraykulga. He reminds the party of the altar they found in the woods way back east, dedicated to the same foul deity.

Meanwhile, Ingvild, assisted by Locky, takes the chest into the statue hall, away from the others in case of 'problems'. After a thorough examination, he goes to work on the lock. His efforts are in vain however, the padlock is well-constructed. "At least there's no trap!" says Locky.

"Not on the lock at least," answers Ingvild.

Reluctantly, the pair set the chest aside, and begins to examine the other loot, opening bags and counting coins. Ohwatoo, Dagmarten and Maro examine the armor, bracers, wooden box and scroll case. With no way to determine if the items are magic, they are stuck with estimating value only. [See below]

It takes over an hour for the two held people to recover, and when they do, they're pretty unhappy. "You could have moved me off that rock!" groans Durego as he stretches the kink out of his back. Suren is very happy to see Mordikarr moving again, growling and climbing all over the beast master. [Note that Raúguey's potion has expired.]

"It's odd that we didn't hear anything in the hall, either hall," observes Ohwatoo.

"Maybe we did enough damage to drive them off. Maybe they retreated to a safer area," suggests Maro.

"Could be. Or they're laying in wait. Or we just didn't hear them. The door is pretty thick, and sound doesn't really carry that well," says Locky.

"At least the brute upstairs is dead. Or *a* brute is dead. I wonder how many of those things that necromancer created?" says Rawon.

"He has a pit full of bodies to work with. We need to be sure put an end to him," growls Maro.

"I'm worried about the silence. They could have gone to the surface another way, and be laying in wait at the entrance," says Durego.

"Well we need to do something," says Ingvild.


Locky 7 damage
Maro 10 damage
Ingvild 1 damage
Tesso 3 damage (seems to have recovered from being knocked out)
Raúguey's potion has worn off. He is undamaged

Rawon's 10 ichor treated arrows have been consumed.

The held people were aware during their 'rest'. Mordikarr has never heard anything like the growl-shriek you heard outside the door.

Loot so far:

Small steel chest, locked and Ingvild can't pick it.
Assorted coins from pouches and bags: 183 SP, 173 GP
The wooden box contains an ornate silver mirror. The back is decorated with a smiling (human?) face with huge eyes.
Incredibly ugly banded armor. It's made of bronze and some black metal, decorated with a crude depiction of a snarling wolf's head. Seems very light.
1 scroll of two MU spells: Protection from Evil, Grasping Hand (plus case)
1 potion of unknown type
1 pair of leather bracers set with amber gemstones 50 GP

End Date: August 29, Year of the Badger, noon
End Status: Move on?
End Location: Blackpool Maze

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