Monday, March 24, 2014

Wilds - Fortified!

While some of the party goes exploring in the nearest areas, others work on fortifying a position to hole up until the held party members recover.

As Raúguey advances into the east chamber, Rawon looks back up the hall. "We shouldn't spend too much more time on this. The others will need our help should that zombie thing return."

"We'll check this room, then head back," answers the fighter, waving the light arrow before him. It illuminates a largish chamber shaped like two overlapping rectangles, 35 feet across. There are doors to the south, one single, one double set, and a single door to the north hanging open. There's an odor, reminiscent of wet dog, and a rusty brazier in the south-east corner that still has a trickle of smoke rising from it. There are a dozen crude sleeping pads and pallets scattered about the room, and a single table with crude log stools around it.

"This must be their home base," says Ingvild as he begins a careful traversal of the first room.

Raúguey heads for the open north door. "Another room here, fifteen feet or so. Looks like it was quarters for the leader. I'll check it for loot."

"Oh?" says Ohwatoo, following Raúguey.

"I'll keep watch in the hall," says Dagmarten. "Rawon see what your elvish eyes can spot in there."

Rawon shakes his head. "No, I'm going to help the others. This is too risky. We need to barricade the passage up there and secure the wounded." He heads back up the hall to help Locky and Maro with that task, gathering the weapons that lie scattered in the hall as improvised spikes and door-blocks.

"OK, OK. We'll hurry," calls Ohwatoo from within the room.

[Ohwatoo, Ingvild, Dagmarten, and Raúguey will take several rounds to search the two rooms and their contents.]

Back at the fire room, the two held people are in the NW area, near the cages. Tesso moves about inside, trying to clear away scorched and burned debris so there's space for everyone. Maro, after testing the statue for weight and realizing it will take several people to move it, keeps watch on the stairs. [The statues will make serious obstacles if placed in front of a door. They're going to require at least three people to move them. Yes they fit through the doors. :D] Locky, joined by Rawon, gathers up weapons and helps Tesso clear space in the room.

The weapons in the fire room and short hall were pretty well burned, but the kobold crossbows and short blades from the tree room are sound, if low quality. There are only 10 quarrels to divide among four crossbows, and once the room is fairly clear, Tesso sets about loading them all, propping one by each of the arrow slits.

By the time the explorers return, lugging a bag, armor, and a small chest, preparations are done. Raúguey, Ingvild, Dagmarten, and Rawon shuffle one statue through the doors and into the stubby hall, blocking the door at the far end. Locky spends time jamming axe and halberd blades into the door edge gaps as spikes. They debate spiking / blocking the door leading to the stairs, but no one wants to cut off the exit. They settle for closing and barring the door.

Thus secured, they settle in to wait for the held people to regain their senses, and examine their finds. The group also decides to use the final kettle doses for the day on Raúguey, Mordikarr, Durego, and Rawon [3 and 2 healing on Raúguey, no effect on the held people].

Shortly after the group quiets down, Locky, on watch at the west door, hisses a warning. "Someone's coming!" Raúguey moves into the stubby hall and Locky falls back, sling ready. It's hard to hear exactly what goes on in the hall, but you can make out heavy but unshod feet, and the sounds of objects (corpses?) being dragged around. There's a few moments of quiet, then THUD! THUD! SCRAAAAPE! SCRRAAATCH! THUD! against the door. One of the wedged blades is knocked free, but there is no other effect.

Ingvild slips forward, presses an ear to the door, and then hastily backs up when the thudding, scraping and clawing begins again. "I heard a voice," he whispers, "can't make it out though."

After several minutes, the noise ends, and you hear a loud cry, only slightly muffled by the door, a weird undulating growl-scream like nothing you've ever heard before.

Muffled footsteps, then silence.


Everyone is in the fire room, with one on watch at the stair door, another in the stubby hall. The hall door is blocked by a statue and wedged shut. The stair door is barred.

Stuff found:

- A small steel chest from the leader's room. Locked with a heavy padlock.
- A bag containing coins, and a small wooden box, pillaged from the sleeping pallets.
- Some incredibly ugly banded armor. It's made of bronze and some black metal, decorated with a crude depiction of a snarling wolf's head.
- A scroll case (found in the leader's chamber, hidden in a hollow in a stump chair).

Durego and Mordikarr are incapacitated
Locky 7 Damage
Maro 10 Damage
Raúguey 16 Damage
Ingvild 1 Damage
Tesso 3 Damage, woozy from being knocked out

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