Monday, March 3, 2014

Wilds - Flames of Battle

Things get interesting as the party faces off against a couple of brutish creatures armed with pole arms and deal with tight spaces!

[Round Seven] - Foe Initiative

As the room fills with smoke and heat and Raúguey ponders his path between the burning curtains and pool of burning oil on the floor, he catches a quick, flitting movement through the murky air, something small. At the west door the creature beyond shows no signs of retreating or advancing. Instead the second creature moves up beside it, both jabbing through the door with pole arms! Mordikarr dodges aside, but Ingvild takes a hard blow [4 HP]. Mordikarr calls out, "More big ones here!" as he spots movement in the shadowed hall.

There's a sudden hissing sound, then a loud POP-SPLURT from the east-most arrow slit, and a new fire blossoms from beneath the burning curtain, splashing the floor and Raúguey too! [1 HP - the fire, it burns!]

Squeezed between the pillars and the fight, but without a way to get at the creatures beyond the door, Durego heads north, the pillars providing a bit of cover from the flames. Though he has weapons ready, he sees no immediate foe, so he pauses to check out the two rusty cages to the west. Each has thick iron bars, a few ragged blankets within, and is fitted with a rusty but sound-looking key-lock. Both are closed. "Nothing here!" he calls, turning his attention to the east.

At the door Mordikarr and Ingvild are hampered by their foes long-reach weapons and the doorway, but both attempt an attack. Neither is successful.

Raúguey realizes he can't stay where he is, so he ducks west between pillars and follows Durego's path. "I think there's more oil in here!" he cries, frantically patting out the flames on his armor as he weaves past the cleric and back between the pillars. He finds himself just southwest of the altar, a crude stone affair, topped with a statue of a wolf-headed humanoid squatting on a throne. He surprised to see a kobold crouching next to the altar, frantically trying to load a crossbow.

Sensing the fighter's presence the creature looks up. It's eyes widen, it throws the crossbow and bolt to the floor, and then it raises it's arms wide crying out, "Bak no jar! Bak no jar! No keel! No keel!" as it falls to its knees!

Maro tries to get through the door, but Locky is faster, he ducks through and right and comes to an immediate, skidding halt! "Yow!" he cries as the burning and spitting pool of oil spreads toward him. "Move along, nothing to see here!" He tries to back up, but there's no room as Maro piles through the door. The elf glances east, "Ack!" he continues north, making room for Locky.

At the hall door Tesso says, "That's a lot of flame!" As Ohwatoo moves to enter the room, Tesso grabs his arm. "I wouldn't go in there!" Ohwatoo looks in, sees Locky reappear at the door with smoking hair, and nods. "Prudent, my thanks!"

POP-SPLURT! POP-SPLURT! Two more quasi-explosions sound from the burning curtains! Flames spread across the floor as a new wave of oil splashes onto the floor. Maro and Locky are splashed with Maro taking the brunt of a gout of oil! [6 HP Maro, 2 HP Locky]

[Note that Maro and Ohwatoo's movement negates the opportunity for spell-casting. Now there's really no room in here!]

"How much oil do these things have?!" cries Locky, trying to put out his burning foot-hair.

"A LOT!" shouts Rawon, still in the hall and unable to get past the log-jam at the door. He stoops and peers through the west arrow slit, and sees nothing but flames and smoke. "Hey guys! I think you want to get out of there!" he calls.


I'm going to stop here, because there's some new stuff to react to. There's a LOT of flame and smoke in this room now, and smoke is accumulating in the hall too. Staying in the room, especially if there's more oil tucked away, is going to start causing damage Soon (TM).

Ingvild and Mordikarr can no longer see beyond the stubby hall. Between the two figures on the far side of the door and the minimal light provided by the fire (Durego has the only carried light in the room now), and smoke, it's impossible to see further.

Ingvild: 4 HP damage (attacked)
Raúguey: 1 HP damage (fire)
Maro: 6 HP damage (fire)
Locky: 2 HP damage (fire)

Ingvild and Mordikarr are at the W door engaged with the creatures.
Locky and Maro are right behind them.
Durego is near the cages.
Raúguey is near the altar, a kobold cowering at his feet.
Ohwatoo, Dagmarten, and Tesso are S of the door in the hall.
Rawon is near the W arrow slit in the hall.

End Date: August 29, Year of the Badger, mid-morning
End Status: Smokin!
End Location: Blackpool Maze

Standing Orders

Marching Order (servants march with their leader)

Front: Rawon, Mordikarr, Maro
Middle: Locky, Ohwatoo (Jonquil), Ingvild, Dagmarten
Rear: Durego (Gorvil), Raúguey (Saurabh), Tesso

Indoor (Gorvil, Saurabh, Jonquil - guard duty)
Front: Mordikarr, Ingvild, Durego, Raúguey
Middle: Maro, Ohwatoo, Dagmarten, Tesso
Rear: Rawon, Locky

1 - Ingvild, Raúguey (Saurabah), Rawon
2 - Maro, Locky, Durego (Gorvil)
3 - Ohwatoo (Jonquil), Dagmarten, Mordikarr

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