Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nameless Coast - An Update (of sorts)

No, I didn't give up on this project. I've been working out how exactly I'm going to be mapping this out, and my first snag was applying some sort of coordinate system to the map. The tool I used to lay out the initial map didn't include a coordinate option, and I was trying to avoid doing it all by hand in Gimp. After messing with other hex tools I finally bit the bullet and did it the old-fashioned way. 2500 hexes later...

OK, I didn't do it all by hand. I laid out row/column numbers in Excel and pasted them into text blocks in Gimp column by column. Here's the result.

I've also placed the initial groups on the map (not shown here so don't strain your eyes), and I'm almost ready to start doing actual terrain / feature updates, which was the entire point of this exercise. I was thinking about using the new TiddlyWiki5 for this, but I'm not sure I want to dive into that yet. By my brief look, it seems to have gotten very script-oriented, and I'd rather just write stuff. On the other hand, it's much prettier.


  1. I've played a bit with the new TiddlyWiki. Yes.. Nice and shiny. As for being able to just write stuff - if you mean creating tiddlers with wikitext, I think it still works pretty much the same as the old version.

  2. I looked a littler further today. It's not quite as bad as I thought. A lot of stuff is just a little more formalized. For example I regularly use:


    to stick a link to a tiddler in as a header, so when I do transclusion I can get to the original easily. Now that's something like:

    <$link><$view some parameters I forgot>

    I know which one I want to type.

    However if it gives me better templates to work from I'll be much happier, since I do a lot of that.

    1. And wow, blogger comments hate tag-like text. :D


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