Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era - A Few Days Later

Some time has passed, work has been done, and improvements made. Nothing spectacular yet, but my little desert base is starting to take shape. I've spent several days in and around my original mine, finishing off the greenhouse, starting some security measures, and doing some harvesting and digging.

Creeper-proof Fence
Desert-power. The limited wood resources (you need dirt for trees, and it's scares -- hard to believe) mean using it for fencing is a bit wasteful. Cactus is the next best thing. Planted in a zig-zag pattern, it keeps out walking mobs and even spiders avoid it.

Speaking of spiders, while digging my mine out further I found a cave system which contains a spider spawner. After killing a dozen or so spiders I lit it up and raided the chest it contained, gaining a record, some iron, and a tiny bit of redstone. I also picked up enough spider string to make some wool so I finally have...
A Bed!
Yes, precious sleep is now mine! Between this, the extra lights outside, and added security, I've been avoiding any creeper craters in my compound -- sleeping skips the night cycle, so nothing spawns.

The finished greenhouse (well, almost finished, I still have to fill in some ceiling glass), is up and running. This follows the same basic design as my standard greenhouse. Since I have a place to plant, I decided to make a run to the village I found a few days ago, and see if they had any good plants to steal share. When I arrived I was surprised to find a whole slew of tools and materials laying on the ground. I guess this was the same village I found and died in before. The raid nets me all my old gear, plus a few more wheat seeds, a bunch of skeleton bones for bone meal, and a few bunches of carrots. That'll be a nice addition to the farm.

Back at base, I spend some time on laying out an actual tree farm at the top of the cliff, using most of the dirt I have on hand to create it. I also use more dirt to expand out the one patch of grass near my base, in hopes of bringing some green to this desert waste (and maybe, attract some useful beasts). While doing this I stumble over a few reeds that were growing along the ocean-front, and expand the few straggling strands into a bigger patch. Gotta have my sugar fix!

And that brings things up to date. My next plan is to finalize the interior of the greenhouse, do more work on security around the perimeter, and to start working on a beachfront house with a fishing pier. I did a little digging in the wiki and it looks like indoor fishing is rather inefficient, so I need to address that. I'm also going to have to do some serious mining for materials and do something useful with the spider spawner. I think a nice string harvester is the way to go there.

The Greenhouse
Summing up:

  • Finish greenhouse roof and trim.
  • Beachfront house and fishing dock.
  • Spider trap.
  • More security.
  • Dig to redstone depths.
  • Cactus farm.
  • Reed farm.

Yep, lots to do. Until next time...

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