Thursday, April 12, 2012

Minecraft: Day Three/Four - Greenhouse

After a night of consolidating the junk I picked up on day two, the sun comes up on another beautiful day in Minecraft. Unfortunately I can't see it, there's a hill in the way. Instead I get to listen to burning zombies and skeletons. Time to start work on my greenhouse.

On the way there I run into the usual suspects, a couple skeletons that have hidden beneath the ledges and outcroppings of the hills, a creeper randomly wandering on the far side of the isle, assorted pigs and a wolf. I also find a new pit of doom. I'm really going to have to do something about these.
Pit of Doom - this one is so deep I can't see the bottom.
 After a bit of running about I find a likely spot in the nice warm jungle to start working on my greenhouse. Unfortunately it's quite overgrown. Looks like I need some more tools to clear this mess. Ah well, at least I can get a start. Hacking away at the undergrowth produces a bunch of wood and a couple tasty apples. At least I won't starve -- yet.
Jungle - kind of dense actually.
Clearing space is more time consuming than I thought, and in short order I'm running out of daylight. Back to the hut then, hacking up grass along the way to start gathering wheat seeds. I really need to mark this trail with some torches. I just make it back as the sun sets and the zombies come forth. I didn't get much done today, so we'll keep going.

Day Four

After restocking tools and dumping off some excess junk it's time to hit the trail again. This time I'm going to put out some trail markers so I can get back and forth a little faster. That takes longer than expected for two reasons:

  1. There's a creeper waiting to ambush me right outside my hovel. BAM! I get to spend a few minutes cleaning up the pit he left when he exploded and restoring access to my safe house.
  2. There's no real trail, so I start building one. After a few minutes I have cleared away most of the trees between my hut in the wall and the greenhouse site. 

It still needs work, so I set to with axe and shovel. For the structure I have in mind I need about a 10x12 area cleared. Water spreads 7 squares from a source,  and farmland stays irrigated within 4 squares of water, even flowing water, and wheat needs farmland, so the basic floor plan looks like this:
Top view of the future greenhouse
Of course you can't walk on tilled soil or it compacts and nothing will grow, so I'll pave over the canal in the center as a walkway, then to harvest I'll cut a channel along the south edge, and set up a waterfall to sweep the fully grown wheat into the channel and down to a collection point in the south east corner. By the end of day four things look like this:
Greenhouse basic layout
Man this is taking a while. And I'm getting hungry. So... hungry. As I pack it in at the end of day four, I glance into the cold gloom outside my hovel and see a storm coming. Looks like tomorrow may be an inside day, since monsters don't burn in the rain. With that observation, I'm done! Thanks for reading, stay tuned.

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