Monday, December 16, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era - Decisions (Day Eight / Nine)

After a night of mining, that extended into the morning of day eight, I've come to a decision: I'll make this desert wasteland a solid base of operations. I've already started a mine shaft, there's ocean right outside the door, and trees that are close enough to harvest. With that in mind, I spent the day, poking around the area right next to my base, discovering a tiny patch of grass, which yielded one wheat seed; a small partially underground pool, which I'll turn into my indoor fishing pond; and a variety of dead shrubs, which are useless.
Indoor Fishing is the Future!

I also hacked out some raw materials, dirt and clay mostly, so I can do some building tomorrow. Night falls on day eight with a better idea of where I'm going, so I spend the evening enclosing and finishing out the fishing cave and building additional tools. I also build a bunch of steps so I can cut a path to the upper plateau where the only trees in the area are found.
The Plateau Stairs
Day nine passes swiftly, cut some wood, and night is falling already! Back to camp for some fishing and crafting. I also start to lay out the greenhouse for a little wheat farm. With so little food available, I'll definitely need to supplement my food supply with a farm or two. I managed to scrape up another seed while cutting trees, so now I have TWO to start the farm.
Farm Foundations
Aaand, that's about it for this report.

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