Friday, December 13, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era (Day Two)

Another day, another aaah, run away! After spending the night huddled in my little hole in the wall, I ran outside, hoping to find something useful. Instead I found several zombies, a giant spider, and a couple creepers. I managed to defeat the horde and gained a bit of string and some rotten meat for my troubles. At least I won't die of starvation.

Spent the rest of the day running around looking for anything useful, and in the process I managed to lose track of my hole in the wall. Not a big deal, since it just had a crafting table and a few resources stashed, but annoying none the less. As night fell I was faced with this:

Yeah, more clay desert at night. I resigned myself to digging another hole, and (as you can see from the display above), starving to death slowly, in the dark. Then...

What's that? Could it be? It is, a town! With no time to lose I ran to the little (very little) village I'd spotted, and after dodging past various creepers and zombies, invited myself into this gent's house. He seemed rather... put out.

Safe for the night, I spent a few minutes reviewing resources. It looks like I actually scored two pieces of string off that spider, so tomorrow, once I find a few more trees or my old hole, I'll build a fishing rod so I can catch some real food!

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  1. I totally enjoyed your last mine craft adventure. Looking forward to following your latest escapades. My kids love playing the free version on my nexus 7. I'm thinking maybe I should get the pc version and get a server up and running. Do you ever play with others?

  2. Most of the time I've played solo, but I've run a server from time to time. Multi-player is fun and different, but sadly most of my video-game friends are not that interested in MC.

    The PC version is much more detailed than the pocket edition. Lots more to do!

  3. Sounds like you need some new video-game friends! :P How exactly does multiplayer go down in a sandbox game lime MC?

  4. Ah we play other stuff. Right now four of us are fairly involved in Firefall, and we regularly dive into MMOs and action RPGs like Path of Exile and Torchlight 2.

    MC multiplayer is server based, and the entire world is shared. There are mods that provide some security features and the vanilla game includes basic security, but effectively everyone plays in a shared sandbox. There's a little tech fiddling to deal with, but outside that it's pretty much like Minecraft with more people.


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