Saturday, December 14, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era - Day Three-Five (Ah, Death!)

Yep, it only took three days to die. After spending the night in the village I stumbled over, I ran outside a bit too quickly for someone with one life left. A skeleton put an end to me, and we know what that means... respawn!

Of course, I respawn back at my starting point, because I haven't built a bed. So now, the materials I've harvested are gone, I'm once again roaming the desert looking for either my first hole-in-the-wall, or the village I found on day two.

Have I mentioned I always lose track of where I am in Minecraft? It's funny, because in real life and in most MMO settings, I'm pretty good at directions. Day three ends with me cowering in yet another hole, praying for daylight. I really need to tool up, torch out, and start marking my paths.

Day four is spent running about the desert, looking for anything interesting. I manage to find some trees, so I restock my wood supply, and replace basic tools. I also start marking the landscape with some pylons to indicate areas I've already explored. Since I haven't really built anything, I don't mind just running about and digging holes at night.

I did get one break on day four. A duck! That means I have a tiny amount of food, and a couple feathers to use. Of course I lost my string back when I died (more reason to find that village).

As you can probably tell from the gray skies, it's a rainy day. Since I'm in the desert, no actual rain is falling, but I need to be wary of spawns. Day four ends like day three, in a hole. Tomorrow, I must dig!

Dawn brings an unfriendly zombie and spider to the sand-block that is my door. After the zombie is cooked by the sun, I tempt fate and attack the spider with my wooden sword. With half a heart left, it's a risky proposition, but the risk pays off! I net two string, and since I'm on the coast, it's time to go fishing! Fish in hand, I dig out some stone for a furnace, do some cooking and fill my empty belly. Rather than roam I decide to stick around for the day. I do a bit more fishing, mine out some additional stone, and expand my hole a bit. Night finds me fed and safe with a tiny lit base to work from. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

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