Thursday, December 12, 2013

Minecraft: The New Era (Day One)

I haven't played Minecraft in quite a while. I went through a period of messing with mods, including some huge mod-packs full of technology and such, but got tired of keeping them up to date with core changes. Since things have changed a lot since the last time I really delved into the game, I decided to start from scratch with a vanilla world and check out what's new. Day one begins...

Oh dear. Sand everywhere and not a tree in sight. This is going to be a tough start. First things first, we need wood to build tools and a crafting bench. Time to take a hike. A few minutes later (OK, exactly TWO minutes later according to screenshot timestamps), trees! Still a lot of sand, and sandstone, and clay around, including a whole bunch of colored clay and something called hardened clay. More worrisome, absolutely no sign of animals or edible plants. Looks like food is going to be an issue.
After punching down some trees and making some basic tools, it's time to find a more suitable place for a base camp. Just like those survival reality shows, shelter and food are top priorities! I make the arbitrary decision to head north. I'm still trucking when the sun begins to set. With only basic tools and no light source, it's time to do what every Minecraft player does in this situation: cower in a hole!
This is going to be a really tough start. Everything is clay desert, which looks really cool but doesn't offer any food options. I'm already half-starved, so tomorrow's first priority is finding something to eat, even if it's rotten zombie meat. I may have to poke at the wiki and see what's new so far as food options too.

So ends day one. I'm going to limit these posts to one day of play each, but I'll probably be skipping ahead a bit. Haven't decided what I'm actually going to do in this game yet. We'll see.


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