Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hexmap in Progress - Part II

I've done some additional map generation on this map, after tweaking the tables a bit more. I really need to sit down and rebuild the special sites tables to cover civilized vs. uncivilized lands. I also need to remember to follow my own rules, as I sometimes forget to check for special features in a hex, leaving me with too much blank space.

Phase II of the Map
Oceans are still a bit chopped up, but I've decided I don't have a problem with that. I mean if you're running a land-based game, ocean terrain isn't really that useful. Complex and interesting coastlines are though, and the above is certainly developing some interest. It looks like the south-east mass is a peninsula or narrow spit of land. The west side has started to turn into a complex bay or inlet, with shoals, a kelp forest, and a mix of terrain on the far shore.

The revised shoreline process is working out pretty well, I think I'll refine the site / features generation a bit, then continue the map from the mountain location on the new land mass. That should give me more land, less ocean.

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