Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hexmap in Progress III - Complete!

Here's the final result for my latest randomly generated hexmap. Terrain-wise, I'm pretty happy with how this looks for a five-mile per hex map. The ocean terrain is still a bit fjord-like, but as I said before, I'm OK with an emphasis on land as opposed to water.

The finished map 5 miles per hex
A few details:

  • The maple leaf in the northwest is an ancient forest, a special site of some sort.
  • The structure next to it is some sort of religious order. I'm guessing druidic / nature worshipers of some sort.
  • The triangle marker in the southwest is a lake -- there's no iconic lake indicator in the basic Hexographer, at least not that I can find.
  • The ruins on the west edge of the map are exactly that -- ruins.
  • The large desert area in the southwest spawned via a special terrain feature, Open Desert, which placed a large number of connected desert hexes with one roll.
I think the tables are still a little sparse when it comes to placing special locales / unusual places. There are about 150 hexes on that map, and only 15 special locales, and that includes villages and towns. I think I need about double that, with more emphasis on wild places in wilderness and forts and settlements in civilized lands.

What do you think?

By the by, this is what my cheat-sheet generator page looks like in Excel. This page shows the results of all rolls. I work from this and a sheet of hex paper when generating maps.
The cheat sheet.


  1. Thank you for providing us the 'cheat sheet'. :D

  2. Don't worry, more to come!

    Not sure how I'll end up putting this out there. I may try to push it out as a cheap PDF via RPGNow, plus as an online thing. We'll see once it's actually done!

  3. Ah. Okay.
    --I was trying to use this as is, but it seemed to be referencing tables unseen. Were they released in the previous posts?

    :: off to search ::

  4. No, they're not published yet, because they're not done. I want to get them in a more final form before I do something with them.


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