Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Diablo 3 - Dye! Dye!

Another concise list of Diablo 3 information. This time it's all about fabulous color! The post covers the dye-based achievements, dye types, and dye vendors. Updated for Reaper of Souls. You can find more Diablo 3 pages here.

The Achievements
  • Born to Dye - Dye an item
  • Color Coordinated - Equip head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet, and hands slots with items dyed the same color.
  • Made it Work - Equip head, shoulders, torso, legs, feet, and hands slots with items dyed all different colors.
  • Rainbow Connection - Use the following dyes:
    • Abyssal Dye - Inferno
    • Aquatic Dye - Normal
    • Autumn Dye - Nightmare
    • Cardinal Dye - Nightmare
    • Desert Dye - Nightmare
    • Elegant Dye - Hell
    • Forester's Dye - Inferno
    • Golden Dye - Inferno
    • Infernal Dye - Inferno
    • Lovely Dye - Hell
    • Mariner's Dye - Hell
    • Purity Dye - Inferno
    • Ranger's Dye - Nightmare
    • Royal Dye - Nightmare
    • Spring Dye - Normal
    • Summer Dye - Hell
    • Tanner's Dye - Normal
    • Winter Dye - Normal
Miscellaneous Dyes
These dyes are not required for achievements, and come in handy when you end up with that wonderful item in hot pink.

  • All-Soap's Miraculous Dye Remover - All difficulties
  • Vanishing Dye - All difficulties

Dye Vendors
Dye vendors appear to sell a random selection of dyes. Dye vendors:

  • Arghus the Collector (Tristram, beyond the mayor's cart).
  • Tilnan the Collector (Caldeum Bazaar, or Hidden Camp during some quests or Adventure Mode)
  • Vidar the Collector (Bastion's Keep Stronghold, or Rakkis Crossing, Bridge Stores sometimes)
  • Delilah the Collector (Survivor's Enclave)
  • Wandering Tinker (Fields of Misery, Tinker's Hovel) - Also has Adenah's Jottings, a book required for A Quick Study.
  • Rodger the Alchemist (Wortham, just beyond the gates, Sacrificial Hermit event) - Also offers a discount on goods during the event.
That's it! As always corrections / additions welcome.

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