Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diablo 3 - Act III Books and Dungeons

Another concise listing of the book and dungeon locations, this time for act 3 achievements. You can find more Diablo 3 pages here.

Act III Books - Primary Sources
  • Bloodstained Letter (The Keep Depths, Level 1, The Breached Keep required?)
  • Ghom's Log (The Larder, on a guard corpse at the back of the room)
  • Journal of Hansan Haile, Captain (Keepsake Box near vendor, Turning the Tide started?)
  • Leah's Journal, Parts 14-16 (The Armory, various quests required)
  • Morgan's Journal, Part 1-2 (Skycrown Battlements, Stonefort, The Keep Depths(?))
Act III Books - Espionage
  • Battlefield Reports (The Battlefields, speak with a ! marked guard)
  • Orders from Azmodan, Parts 1-3 (Skycrown Battlements, Stonefort, The Keep 1-3, from Messenger of Azmodan, quest required?)
  • Orders from Azmodan, Parts 4-5 (The Battlefields, Fields of Slaughter, from Messenger of Azmodan, quest required?)
  • Orders from Azmodan, Part 6 (Arreat Crater 1, from Messenger of Azmodan, quest required?)

Act III Books - Historian of Arreat
  • Fall of the Barbarians, Parts 1-5 (The Keep Depths 1-3, from Misplaced Pack)
  • The History of Bastion's Keep (The Keep Depths 1, Battlefield Stores, The Foundry 1, The Underbridge, from Librarian's Scrolls)
Act III Dungeons - Oh, The Places You'll Go!
  • Battlefield Stores 1/2 (The Battlefields)
  • Caverns of Frost 1/2 (Fields of Slaughter)
  • Cryder's Outpost (The Battlefields)
  • Fortified Bunker 1/2 (The Arreat Gate)
  • Icefall Caves Level 1 (Fields of Slaughter)
  • The Barracks 1/2 (Arreat Gate)
  • The Forward Barracks (The Battlefield)
  • The Foundry 1/2 (The Battlefields)
  • The Underbridge (Rakkis Crossing)
As always, please comment on any missing/incorrect information.

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