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Diablo 3 - Act II - Books and Dungeons

The second in a series of articles outlining the book and dungeon achievements in Diablo 3 act by act. This is, obviously, the Act II listing. You can find more Diablo 3 pages here.

Act II Books - Judge of Character
  • A Love Letter (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • A Servant's Journal (Caldeum Bazaar)
  • Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish (Cain's Satchels, throughout act)
  • Azmodan, the Lord of Sin (Cain's Satchels, throughout act)
  • Baal, the Lord of Destruction (The Forgotten Ruins)
  • Belial, the Lord of Lies (Cain's Satchels, throughout act)
  • Blackened Journal (Caldeum Bazaar, quest)
  • Crumbling Journal (Desolate Sands)
  • Diablo, the Lord of Terror (Cain's Satchels, throughout act)
  • Duriel, the Lord of Pain (Cain's Satchels, throughout act)
  • Eirena's Journal (Eirena)
  • Fuad's Journal (Fuad's Cellar) (bugged)
  • Iron Wolf Captain's Journal (Alcarnus)
  • Kala's Poem (Kala, converstations)
  • Kulle's Journal, Part 1-4 (Vault of the Assassin, Cavern of the Betrayer, Kulle's Sanctum, Archives of Zoltun Kulle)
  • Larra's Diary (Deserted Cellar) - random?
  • Leah's Journal, Parts 8-12 (Hidden Camp)
  • Mephisto, Lord of Hatred (Cain's Satchels, throughout act)
  • Necromancer's Log (Stinging Winds)
  • Poltahr's Notes (Chamber of the Lost Idol)
  • The Ancient Portal Device (Desolate Sands)
  • The Imperial Guard's Orders (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • The Last Will of Khan Dakab (Tomb of Khan Dakab, Dahlgur Oasis)
  • The Legend of Zei the Trickster (Shen, conversations)
  • The Musings fo Sardar (Tomb of Sardar)
  • The Promises of Fezuul al-Kazaar (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • The Seven Lords of Hell (Cain's Satchels, throughout act)
  • Zoltun Kulle (Hidden Camp, quest)
Act II Books - Eavesdropper
  • Deceiver's Orders, Part 1 (Sewers of Caldeum, from Envoy of Belial)
  • Deceiver's Orders, Part 2 (Dahlgur Oasis , from Envoy of Belial )
  • Deceiver's Orders, Part 3 (Desolate Sands , from Envoy of Belial )
  • Guard's Orders (Khasim Outpost)
  • Hunter's Journal, Part 1 (The Forgotten Ruins)
  • Hunter's Journal, Part 2 (The Forgotten Ruins)
  • Hunter's Journal, Part 3 (Desolate Sands)
  • Hunter's Journal, Part 4 (The Storm Halls)
  • Hunter's Journal, Part 5 (The Storm Halls)
  • Hunter's Journal, Part 6 (The Forgotten Ruins, The Storm Halls)
  • Missive to Maghda, Part 1 (Howling Plateau)
  • Missive to Maghda, Part 2 (Alcarnus)
  • The Feared Hero (Stinging Winds, cultist camp event)
Act II Books - Historian of Caldeum
  • An Abridged History of Caldeum, Part 1-6 (Searing Sands Inn)
  • On the Desolate Sands, Part 1-4
  • The Chamber of Faces (Dahlgur Oasis, outside the Tomb of Khan Dakab)
  • The Dahlgur Oasis (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • The Desert Aqueducts, Parts 1-2 (Aqueduct Channels)
Act II Dungeons - Nooks and Crannies
  • Abandoned Cellar (Stinging Winds)
  • Abandoned Mineworks (Howling Plateau)
  • Alcarnus Cellar (Alcarnus)
  • Ancient Cave 1/2 (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Cave of Burrowing Horror 1/2 (Desolate Sands)
  • Chamber of the Lost Idol (Stinging Winds)
  • Deserted Cellar (Black Canyon Mines)
  • Flooded Cave 1/2 (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Fuad's Cellar (Howling Plateau)
  • Hadi's Claim Mine (Stinging Winds)
  • Mysterious Cave 1/2 (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Old Fisherman's Cellar (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Ransacked Cellar (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Rotting Cellar (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Sandy Cellar (Alcarnus)
  • Sirocco Caverns 1/2 (Howling Plateau)
  • Storage Cellar (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Storm Cellar (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Swampy Cellar (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • The Crumbling Vault (Stinging Winds)
  • The Forgotten Ruins (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • The Fowl Lair (Desolate Sands)
  • The Ruins 1/2 (Stinging Winds)
  • The Veiled Treasure (Desolate Sands)
  • Tomb of Khan Dakab (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Tomb of Sardar (Dahlgur Oasis)
  • Town Cellar (Alcarnus)
  • Tunnels of the Rockworm (Black Canyon Mins)
  • Vault Treasure Room (Stinging Winds)
  • Vile Cavern 1/2 (Desolate Sands)
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