Friday, July 20, 2018

Tile of the Week #115

Here is today's Tile of the Week entry. It's a full-size tile that shows a section of sewer tunnel with several connected rooms and corridor nearby.

Player Version

All Tile of the Week images are free for private use. You can download the images above using right-click/save as. Each tile is a 100px per five-foot square image, sized for compatibility with Dungeons in Blue geomorphs. The entire Tile of the Week Collection is also available as a pay what you want bundle if you're feeling lazy.


  1. Hrm... seems like the GM version would have the indicated secret doors/passages... and the player version would have those bits of information removed.

    My two shekels...

    1. Hey, thanks for pointing that out. I reversed the images. Sorry for the late response/publication of this comment. It got lost in the moderation somewhere.


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