Monday, March 28, 2016

Minecraft - A Short Break

I guess I should have posted something before I took a week away from the computer to do some house-sitting! This is a quick update about the stuff I was doing before the break.

I added a brief note to last post about some power issues in my base. I applied a quick fix to the problem by doubling the number of generators I have running, which started to kill my potato supply (potatoes make hootch, which is fuel). This is a short-term solution and it got me thinking about my base in general. I started with a plan, but it feels a bit cramped now. With that in mind, I built...

The pyramid has six levels, three are two meters high, four are three meters high with windows. The plan is to use the windowed levels for workspaces and the shorter levels as wiring space. Right now, there's nothing in there except a ton of torches to prevent monster spawns, except for the basement level. That has my new power source.

Yes, it's time to switch to clean and efficient nuclear power! This is a pretty small reactor, five fuel rods, two meters tall. It'll produce more than enough power for my current base once I move everything. I think I can run it at about 10% capacity. Nuclear power is courtesy of the Big Reactors mod, and cooled with Gelid Cryotheum.

As you can probably guess, the next big project is moving day. Right now I'm trying to figure out what sort of power storage I want to put in place. The energy cells I'm using are fine for now, but I may go ahead and build a Capacitor Bank for more storage. I'm also trying to plan what goes where. Tentatively, the first floor is just an entry with access to the AE system and the workshop will be on the second floor. Floor three is for automation and AE system itself, and the top floor (for now) is farm space. I'll also have a central vertical shaft for cabling. I'm planning two elevators, one that hits every floor and one that hits the main working floors. I used this system in another build, and it worked pretty well.

So there's an update on the build. Hopefully I'll have some time to start moving this week (assuming I figure out what goes where.

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