Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Minecraft - Rebuilt (ish)

It's taken a while, but my new base is (mostly) back up and running. Moving your entire network takes a bit of planning, because once you shut down your ME system, all your stuff is stored in memory modules that you can't access, and all your auto-crafting stuff is offline. You also have to deal with wiring and power (or the lack thereof) issues.


So, let's start with power. I think I mentioned before that I was swapping over to Big Reactors nuclear power for my new base. The image above shows the entire setup, including (minor) reactor control automation, fuel handling and reprocessing and energy buffering. A brief summary:

  • A 5x5x3 reactor cooled with gelid cryotheum with five fuel rods and the usual controller, fuel ports and an energy tap. It also has a redstone port used to control reactor on/off state.
  • The system stores RF power in an Ender IO capacitor bank which (for now) can store up to 20,000,000 RF. Several redstone energy cells, each rated to 20,000,000 RF, provide additional power storage. Power transfer is all via Ender IO enhanced energy conduits.
  • An Ender IO power monitor tracks power levels in the capacitor bank and turns a redstone signal on/off depending on power levels. This signal turns the reactor on/off as needed.
  • A simple Ender IO item conduit system keeps the reactor fueled and sends waste cyanite to a cyanite reprocessor, where it's turned into blutonium.
  • A single ME export bus transfers processed yellorium ingots from the ore processing system to the reactor fuel storage system.

According to the Big Reactor Simulator, this thing should produce about 7,600 RF per tick when running full speed. Since my current setup is only using about 300 RF per tick, I think this system covers power for the near future.

ME System

Since I needed to get the ME system up and running quickly to get access to materials and auto-crafting, it's a little messy.
Messy, but not terrible
It looks worse than it is, at least from that angle. Everything I had at the old base, crystal growth and processor automation, storage, auto-crafting machines and bulk stores, is back. In most cases I've added capacity to the system too: another crafting processor, an extra molecular assembler, and more storage. Machine processing for the quarry and auto-crafting is also much cleaner now.

No need for human intervention
These machines are all attached to the ME system and the quarry and dedicated to ore processing and auto-crafting. One of the reasons I don't care too much about the looks of this level is that it's all automation. Once it's up and running, I never have to do anything with it.


Since I have approximately 1,000 potatoes in storage, and I'm not using them for fuel any longer, food isn't a high priority, but I have moved several of my farms over to the new base and torn down the old space. Potatoes, wheat, sugar cane, cotton and carrots are all up and running, leaving melons and ender lilies to do.
New crop potatoes
Room to grow
I left the ender lilies running so I can harvest the mature pearls before I tear down the site. They grow so slowly that I'm willing to do a little manual labor to save the cycles.


So what's left? Not a whole lot actually. I need to move my Tinkers Construct smeltery and coke oven to my new workshop and rebuild my melon farm/seed squeezing setup. I also need to deal with my tree farms, which are currently without power or item storage. I plan on rebuilding them from scratch, possibly on elevated platforms connected to the main base. Other than that... mostly done? As for the old base....

Empty bases are the saddest places. I'm not sure if I'll do teardown or just leave it in place.

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