Sunday, October 25, 2015

Minecraft City Builder: Stage IV Report

Stage four of my Citybuilder Challenge city is now done. This was a fairly easy stage to complete because most of the groundwork was in place when I started. I also had a bunch of materials stockpiled so the building was fast. As I mentioned in my last report, I upgraded my existing town hall to the city hall, and I'd already started on some of the fortifications. So, without further ado, here are some progress shots:

The Treasury: clock and compass now included
Not exactly a cathedral, but definitely something
No nearby ocean, so, stables
The town marketplace
The entire city.
You can see the library in the full city image, along with the two guard towers, one behind the temple, the other on the left. Here's a WIP view from that tower, looking back toward the main city. You can see the stables in the foreground, and the tree farm to the left.
Stables WIP
With that, Stage IV is complete! On to Stage V, which is probably going to be where I end this little project. As I often do with the vanilla game, I've gotten a bit tired of the basic blocks and tech it offers. Rather than convert this to a mod pack build, I will bring it to a close and perhaps move on to a new challenge. But before then... Stage V:

"We shall become the most successful civilization known to man!"

  • None
Requirements to advance (to bonus stage) or complete challenge:
  • All requirements from previous stages. (except item requirements marked (i))
  • A Castle/stronghold that must contain:
    • A throne room
    • A well-protected treasury
    • A feast hall
    • At least 1 Grand bedroom
    • A dungeon with hostile mobs
    • A prison
    • A surrounding moat/ditch/wall
    • A barracks
  • A monument/statue commemorating the founding of your kingdom.
  • At least 2 more community structures (making 5 in total) must be built.
  • An outlying village (same requirements as stage 1, but for only 1 person)
  • A nether portal (if enabled)
  • Paths must be created linking the town hall to each new community building.
Treasury must contain:
  • 20 items of edible food per person
  • Minimum 10 diamonds
  • Saddle (for the royalty to ride their trusty steeds ofc.) OR 20 more diamonds if you're unlucky enough to not find a spawner with a saddle
  • At least 1 of each:
  • Any Diamond Tool
  • Steel/Diamond Helmet
  • Steel/Diamond Chest Plate
  • Steel/Diamond Leggings
  • Steel/Diamond Boots
  • Compass
  • Clock
The treasury stuff is pretty much done. I just need a diamond tool, and I have a stockpile ready to use. The saddle is a problem. I haven't found any in any of the spawners I've found. I may have to do a major clearing of the abandoned mines I've found to locate more treasures, or start fishing. The remaining items:
  • Castle - I'll probably build it atop the big hill next to the city.
  • Monument/Statue - Perhaps an obelisk of some sort.
  • Two Community Structures - Tavern? Hospital? Something else?
  • Outlying Village - Easy enough, just a road somewhere, a house and a wheat farm.
  • Nether Portal - Another easy one.
Looking ahead to what's next, I've been toying with mod packs. I've used the FTB launcher in the past, but their loadout of mod packs are all fairly hefty bundles, really too much for what I'm looking for. I'll have to make time and browse some other packs to find something with better building options plus  a bit of automation.

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  1. Looking good. When you finally get an RPG mod rolling let me know. I'll come questing.:D


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