Wednesday, April 2, 2014

PBE Games New Releases

Time for another update on PBE Games products. Here are the latest releases, covering the last two weeks:

Aaand, that's about it. Coming up I have a trio of Dungeons in Blue Small Dungeons, more Uncommon Ground textures, and at least one more One Page queued up. I also have a new trio of full Dungeons in Blue tile sets in the works, but they're a ways out. Lastly, I'm working on some new stand-alone virtual table top / PDF dungeon maps in a black and white style. I'm hoping to get the first of these out by the end of April.

Here are a couple preview images for current and upcoming stuff.

Uncommon Ground - Aggregation
Dungeons in Blue - More Tunnel and Cave
Dungeons in Blue - Small Dungeons #9

Thanks for reading, as always!

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