Friday, February 28, 2014

Tile of the Week #1

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I produce Dungeons in Blue, geomorphs for the virtual tabletop. When I work on these I'm usually building them a sheet at a time, which can be daunting sometimes. I decided to start doing some individual tiles and this is the result. I'll be (trying) to post up a tile each week, providing both GM and player versions and covering the usually quarter/half/full sizes as usual. Without further ado, here's the first entry, a quarter-sized cavern tile.

Player Version

I'm also playing with a show / hide button here, so if things look wonky or a tile is missing, have patience (edit: looks like that's working, if not, please let me know).

All Tile of the Week images are free for private use. You can download the images above using right-click / save as. Each tile is a 100px per five-foot square image, sized for compatibility with Dungeons in Blue geomorphs. The entire Tile of the Week Collection is also available as a pay what you want bundle, if you're feeling lazy.

PS - in case it's not clear, you can right-click / save and download these images.

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