Saturday, February 8, 2014

Progress by Hex

Not much to say about this, just showing forward progress. I changed up how I've been building these a bit. I think the first hex I built out was a little too monotonous, so I'm using a slightly different method now. Before I was treating all unfilled hexes as the large hex terrain. Now I'm placing a single 'best match' hex in the center of the large hex and treating all A1 results (the randomizer hex) as the large hex terrain type. This has led to more variety, while retaining some of the basic feel of the big hexes.
Early Small Hex Work

In progress
It's not exactly a fast process, but that's more because I'm keeping careful labels on everything and flipping between Gimp for mapping and Excel for dice rolling. I've tweaked a couple table entries along the way (and fixed a couple more typos too). I think I want to finish off all the border hexes and then start moving in, so... onward!


  1. Good luck with this project. Always love the beginnings of a project.

  2. Thanks Tim. Right now I just need to keep hammering out hexes between rounds of snow shoveling. :D


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