Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nameless Coast - Now with Name!

So I've decided to run with the Nameless Coast as the overarching name for this place. I've also started to frame out how I'm going to populate at least parts of it. I'm going to start with pure wilderness with no established populations of intelligent, community-forming creatures (so no humans, elves, dwarfs, goblinoids, or similar). Of course this is a bit of a fuzzy set, since depending on how you interpret creature-descriptions they could be in or out (things like trolls and giants).

Next I'm going to start sending in groups, each with a set of characteristics that include why they're here, how many they are, and how they got here. For example I may introduce a tribe of goblins looking for new territory since their old area is getting overpopulated. They're traveling in from the south-west on foot, they're well-prepared for survival, but they're relatively few in number. Another group might be a shipload of human refugees fleeing a distant war. They stole the ship, are poorly organized, and have little in the way of supplies. Where they land could well determine how long their pseudo-colony survives.

I figure I'll run about 100 years of this sort of thing, with new arrivals coming in randomly over time. Not exactly sure what system will be a fit for this, so I may pull together something in Fudge. I did a quick brainstorm on group motivations / attributes (really quick), and came up with this:

Why are they here?
  • Looking for something
  • Fleeing something
  • Population pressure
  • Invasion
Who are they?
  • Leadership
  • Numbers
  • Unifying characteristics / aspects
  • Underlying divisions
  • Military
  • Survival
  • Trade
How did they get here?
  • Ship
  • Land
  • Magic
What is their attitude toward others?
  • Friendly
  • Xenophobic
  • Hostile
  • Cooperative
  • Neutral
When did they get here?
  • Which decade / year
Obviously this is still very rough, and I haven't really framed how I'm going to achieve forward progress, but it's a start.

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  1. Very cool. Looking forward to watching how civilization in the Nameless Coast shakes out. I even made a picture for it during my daily sketch the other day. Psuedo-colonists


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